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O-Train Extension: The greener way to go!

Image - O-Train Extension: The greener way to go!

Ottawa is taking proactive steps to address traffic congestion and make transportation more efficient and accessible for everyone. The O-Train Extension project is at the heart of these efforts, and it's all about making your journey as smooth as possible. Whether you're a first-time rider or a regular commuter, the O-Train is here to cater to your needs. 

Over the coming years, the city will add 44 kilometres of rail and 24 new stations, bringing rail transit within easy reach of 77% of residents. This means that getting around the city will be a breeze, reducing travel time and adding more convenience to your daily commute. 

The O-Train is also investing in infrastructure to promote active transportation. We’re building around 25 kilometres of multi-use pathways, cycle-tracks, and pedestrian bridges, creating better connections for walkers and cyclists. These improvements will link up with the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while getting where you need to go. New underpasses at Churchill Avenue North, Cleary Avenue, Lanark Avenue, and Carleton Avenue will make it easier to reach the Ottawa River. 

Render of multi-use-pathway, with a person riding their bike on the left and other people walking on the right

The O-Train Extension isn't just about expanding transportation options; it's also about caring for the environment. The project is committed to minimizing its environmental impact every step of the way. The contractors, Kiewit-Eurovia-VINCI (KEV) and TransitNEXT (TNext), are working tirelessly to coordinate construction materials, reducing heavy truck traffic and cutting down on harmful emissions. These efforts make a significant difference in helping to alleviate congestion and keep our city green. 

Between January and March 2021, the East-West project builder, KEV, saved an incredible 499 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This impressive achievement highlights their commitment to efficiency and sustainability. 

The O-Train Extension is actively involved in preserving our natural surroundings. For every tree removed, we will plant two more, ensuring that our environment remains vibrant and green. We're also taking steps to manage potential flooding risks with the future Pinecrest Creek Stormwater Management Pond. This pond will control rainwater, protect rail materials, and reduce the risk of flooding in nearby communities, all while restoring the creek to its natural state. 

The project contractors are going above and beyond to minimize their impact on the environment. They strictly adhere to federal, provincial, and local environmental laws and regulations, following comprehensive plans for erosion and sediment control, stormwater pollution prevention, spill prevention, and air quality control. With their commitment, you can rest assured that they're doing everything they can to protect our community. 

Render of multi-use-pathway with person moving with their wheelchair on the right side and people walking on the left side

Their dedication doesn't stop there. The O-Train Extension Construction team is finding innovative ways to promote sustainability: Installing bat houses along the O-Train South Extension; creating wildlife crossings; reducing vehicle idling across construction sites; and improving connectivity to future stations. 

Image of bat house

Bat house along the O-Train South Extension

In conclusion, the O-Train Extension is bringing exciting changes to Ottawa's transportation system, making it more efficient, accessible, and environmentally friendly. It's all about ensuring your journey is as convenient and enjoyable as possible.