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October 27 Light Rail Sub-Committee Update

Image - October 27 Light Rail Sub-Committee Update

On October 27, the Light Rail Sub-Committee received a progress update on all three O-Train Extension projects.

You can watch the presentation here or check out our summary below:

O-Train East Extension

In the east, track installation is nearing completion and overhead catenary system work is underway. Significant progress has been made with stations as most are over 70 per cent complete. In the new year, east-end residents will start to see train testing on the new extension. Learn more about the east extension lines and stations.

Trim Station with a pedestrian bridge connecting to a Park & Ride

Trim Station construction progress.

O-Train West Extension

Lots of progress can be seen in the west with track installation and station construction advancing. Tunnel work also continues to move forward with excavation almost complete. Tunnel wall and roof construction continues with backfilling underway in some areas where tunnel structure work is complete. Learn more about the west extension lines and stations.

Aerial view of a cut and cover tunnel on Richmond Road connecting to the parkway

Cut and cover tunnel progress between Kichi Zibi Mikan and Richmond Road.

O-Train South Extension

In the south, signal testing is progressing, and station construction is almost complete. In the near future, vehicle testing is anticipated to advance to nine trains concurrently which allows us to simulate future service.  Looking ahead, work will continue to focus on opening of pedestrian bridges, landscaping and additional testing and commissioning. Learn more about the south extension lines and stations.

Bayview Station construction

Finishing works continue at Bayview Station.

Regulatory Approvals

The Sub-Committee also heard that the City is working with Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency to obtain the regulatory approvals needed to permit service on the expanded lines. Training continues for staff who will operate Lines 2 and 4, including the use of simulators that resemble the O-Train South lines. The program will ensure OC Transpo Instructors, Diesel Rail Operators and Controllers are ready for operations, and that maintenance staff are fully trained.

Stay informed of progress by visiting the O-Train Extension website, following OC Transpo on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and signing up for the LRT newsletter.

The next update to the Light Rail Transit Sub-Committee will be in December.