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OR 174 westbound - Lane reduction

Date posted: June, 2023

As part of the O-Train East Extension project, traffic on the OR 174 westbound from just east of Champlain Street to just west of Orléans Boulevard will continue to operate with two general traffic lanes until fall 2023 due to additional construction activities. To facilitate the operation of these two lanes, the restrictions on the use of the bus lane by general traffic have been removed to allow its use starting just west of Place d’Orléans.

The City and contractor recognize the ongoing traffic impacts along the OR 174 has negatively affected the Orléans community and continues to have an ongoing effect on residents’ daily commutes.


O-Train Extension additional construction activities


On the OR 174 westbound from east of Champlain Street to west of Orléans Boulevard


From June, 2023 to Fall 2023

Map depicting closure of OR 174 westbound fast lane from east of Champlain Street to west of Orléans Boulevard

The original intent of this lane reduction was to facilitate the construction of noise attenuation walls at Convent Glen and Place d’Orléans stations since the work zone could only be accessed from the highway. This work was completed as planned, however, additional challenges with ongoing construction at both stations and in the guideway, where the new track is being laid, now requires additional space to accommodate the increase in materials and personnel required to undertake these massive efforts.  

In order to work safely and efficiently, station construction crews are using the closed lane of roadway to stage equipment, store materials needed for the day’s work, and undertake construction activities. Given the impact to residents, alternate options were explored, but ultimately, this is the only way to proceed and keep to the project timeline. This work is anticipated to be completed by the fall, at which time the lanes of traffic will be restored. The City continues to monitor the construction work and will provide updates on the progress.

Based on feedback and input from residents and Councillors, the bus lane was reconfigured at Champlain, over the weekend of June 9 to 12 while other works were underway on the westbound OR 174. This new measure allows regular traffic to use the bus lane when merging into the westbound OR 174. The City will continue to monitor traffic and is actively working with the contractor to explore additional opportunities to assist the flow of traffic and to expedite the current work to finish as soon as possible.

The City and O-Train Extension project team would like to thank residents for their ongoing patience as we work to advance construction of the O-Train East Extension.

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