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Project Spotlight: Transfers that move you

Image - Project Spotlight: Transfers that move you

Your options for moving around Ottawa are growing as the O-Train network expands. With Lines 2 and 4 set to open in 2024, connecting to the network will be that much easier.

Transfers are made easy with OC Transpo. They allow you to change between buses or trains for free. Here are some key transfer stations on the O-Train South Extension making it more accessible for you to reach your destination.

Bayview Station

Once the O-Train South Extension launches, Bayview Station will be a vital connection between Lines 1 and 2. Access to Line 2 is directly below the existing Line 1 platforms and customers making transfers will be able to seamlessly connect within a fare paid zone. Future customers can also get to the station by bus, with stops located on Albert Street, and by multi-use pathways connecting to the station from every direction.

Bayview Station is unique as it requires the integration of two different O-Train lines and two different control systems. Ensuring the two systems seamlessly integrate is complex and many considerations were required while planning to ensure that customers have a seamless and positive experience across both lines.

To help riders find their way around stations and catch their train, OC Transpo provides real-time information screens, wayfinding signs, accessible tactile wayfinding, information panels and regular audio announcements.

Bayview Station with Line 1 service operative above, and ongoing construction on Line 2 below.

Bayview Station with Line 1 service operative above, and ongoing construction on Line 2 below.

South Keys Station

The O-Train South extension will feature a new link to Ottawa’s international Airport. Visitors and residents will be able to go from downtown to the airport by rail, with two easy transfers along the way. Once on Line 2, customers will connect to Line 4 to the Airport at South Keys Station. South Keys Station is also directly connected to the existing Transitway station and nearby multi-use pathways, allowing for convenient multi-modal connections.

Unlike at Bayview, customers connecting between Line 2 and Line 4 will do so on the same platform. Look for station wayfinding signage, digital transit information screens and listen to audio announcements to find out where to stand to on the platform to catch your train.

Free Park & Ride lots

Park & Ride lots are facilities used across Ottawa to make it easy for people to connect to public transit directly from their homes. It’s one of the ways in which the City encourages the use of transit and helps reduce congestion on roads. In the south, two new and expanded Park & Ride lots offer great new options for these growing communities. These lots will also feature level 2 charging stations for electric vehicles. Charging at 50 amps and 208-240 volts, they offer faster charging times than level 1 charging set-ups that would typically be seen at someone’s home.

Leitrim Station and Park & Ride lot

The new and improved Leitrim Station offers new and convenient connection options. Situated near the neighbourhood of Findlay Creek, this existing bus station will now provide access to the O-Train network. Leitrim Station’s new configuration features bus stops, an upgraded Park & Ride lot with free parking, and multi-use pathway access. The first phase of the Park & Ride lot has over 300 regular parking spaces, 9 accessible parking spaces, 7 passenger pickup and drop off spaces, bicycle racks, and 2 electric vehicle charging spaces.

Construction continues on Leitrim Station and the Park & Ride lot.

Construction continues on Leitrim Station and the Park & Ride lot.

Bowesville Station Park & Ride

Bowesville is a brand-new station on the O-Train network.  It’s located near the Manotick Station neighbourhood and close to Riverside South and Barrhaven.  It will have connecting bus service and over 800 parking spaces. This includes 775 regular spaces, 19 accessible spaces, 7 PPUDO spaces, and 4 EV parking stations.

Bowesville Station and Park & Ride

Construction continues on Bowesville Station and the Park & Ride lot.

Limebank Station

Limebank Station, the terminus of Line 2, will provide a brand-new transfer hub for Barrhaven and Riverside South. Trains will depart from Bayview Station every 12 minutes and take about 35 minutes to get there. Limebank Station’s bus platform features nine shelters for those waiting to connect with the surrounding neighbourhood. It also boasts a connecting pathway, parking for up to 40 bicycles, and a passenger pick-up and drop-off area for those looking to “kiss and ride”.

Limebank Station and bus loop

Construction continues on Limebank Station and bus loop.

The O-Train South Extension will allow residents to connect to the O-Train whatever way works best for them. Free Park & Ride spaces, electric vehicle charging stations, pick-up and drop-off areas, connecting bus service, multi-use pathways and bicycle parking will meaner greener and more convenient travel options for all.