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Rack & Roll winter pilot

Image - Rack & Roll winter pilot

Good news for all-season cyclists — the Rack & Roll program will continue through the winter this year! Throughout the winter and into the spring, all double-decker buses will be equipped with a bike rack so riders can continue to Rack & Roll.

Check if a double-decker bus is planned for your trip by using the OC Transpo Travel Planner. Due to daily operating requirements, they may not be available as planned. For help with planning your trip based on bike racks, visit the “Advanced Travel planner options” section of the Travel Planner guide.

You can also check if a bus will have a bike rack in real-time by using an independent app that shows if a double-decker will be used for your trip. Visit our App Gallery for links to some independent apps or download one from your app store.

  • Some independent apps show actual bus types in real-time

The Rack & Roll program this winter will show us how bike racks handle all-season transit operations. For more information about the Rack & Roll program, check out the Bikes on our network page.