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Rack & Roll winter pilot returns

Image - Rack & Roll winter pilot returns

Good news for all-season cyclists — the Rack & Roll winter pilot is happening again this winter!

Even better news — all OC Transpo buses will be equipped with a bike rack so riders can continue to Rack & Roll.

The Rack & Roll program combines biking and transit with ease – through the spring, summer, fall and now winter!  

The Rack & Roll winter pilot was first introduced on double-decker buses last winter. Continuing the pilot this winter will help us to determine if an all-season program will be permanent.

Not sure how to use the bike rack?

We know the process of learning how to load and unload a bike on a bus can be intimidating for some customers. This practice bike rack helps take the stress out of it. The bike rack lets you practice putting your bicycle on and off the bike rack at your own convenience. It is equipped with the same bike rack as those on OC Transpo buses, and there are clear how-to directions posted alongside it.

Find our Rack & Roll practice bike rack at new locations from December to March!

During the month of January, the practice bike rack is located at Ben Franklin Place.

Find it inside on the main floor near the cafe.

Check out this simple video that walks you through how to load and unload your bike in three easy steps.

Text description


Text description


[music plays]
[text appears on screen]
“Try Rack & Roll. Follow these simple steps”


[action on screen]

A man reaches to pull the handle of the bike rack and lowers the bike rack.


[text appears on screen]

"1. Squeeze handle to lower bike rack."


[text appears on screen]

"2. Lift your bike onto the bike rack."

[action on screen]

As the instructions are shown on screen, the man lifts his bike into the rack and secures it.


[text appears on screen]

"3. Lift the support arm to secure front tire."


[action on screen]

The man gives a thumbs up.


[text appears on screen] “OC Transpo”

Reminder: Bike racks do not accommodate fat tire bikes, only tire widths of up to 2.3 inches. Bike racks can hold bikes weighing up to 55lbs.

This brand-new initiative is a direct result of a customer’s suggestion. Let us know what you think about the Rack & Roll winter pilot by filling out an OC Transpo customer feedback form – we want to hear from you!

About the Rack & Roll program

Every year, from spring to fall, all OC Transpo buses are equipped with a bike rack as part of the Rack & Roll Program. Customers can bring their bicycles onboard O-Train Line 1 year-round. Please use the first car of the train.

The Rack & Roll program combines biking and transit with ease. OC Transpo has many bicycle-friendly initiatives to promote cycling, including bicycle parking, Bikesecure shelters and bicycle repair stations at numerous transit stations throughout the system.

For more information about the Rack & Roll program, check out the Bikes on our network page.