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Introducing Transit, our new favourite app

Image - Introducing Transit, our new favourite app

When one chapter closes, another will open.

We have retired our OC Transpo app for iOS and partnered with Transit to provide Ottawa users with free access to the Royale subscription.

App users must download the latest version (5.14.7) of the app to receive the Royale upgrade. You will be able to access the subscription's additional features immediately, as long as you have the latest version of the app.

While the OC Transpo app is no longer available in the Apple store, it will remain on existing devices until customers uninstall it. It will not have any new service information past Saturday, July 1.

What is the Transit app?

Transit is a free-to-download mobile app available on iOS and Android devices. It is designed to help customers, like you, navigate public transit.  

The Transit app enables riders to:

  • Plan their trip
  • Check departure times for OC Transpo buses and the O-Train
  • Track their vehicle while they wait at the stop
  • Sign up to receive service alerts as notifications on their device

Transit also provides interconnected trip planning for STO and OC Transpo services. Download the ​​Transit app for free, for iOS or Android, in English or French from the ​A​pp ​S​tore or Google Play. 

What is the Royale subscription?

Transit Royale adds additional features to Transit: 

  • Have access to a wider geographical range for real-time bus tracking  
  • View of the full transit schedule instead of only short-term departures 
  • Fun, interactive features such as theme options, a custom avatar and nicknames, and more!

Why the change?

The OC Transpo app was built almost 10 years ago and is only available on iOS. The departure data in the app is not as accurate as other OC Transpo data systems. By retiring this app, we're able to focus on improving the quality of our real-time data and other web solutions like the Travel Planner.