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Useful resources: All you need to plan your next trip

Image - Useful resources: All you need to plan your next trip

Get your travel plan

Discover this selection of resources to help daily commuters, tourists, and everyone in between, prepare for their next trip with OC Transpo.

Good to know

  • The Fall Service Change 2022 went into effect on Sunday, September 4.
  • New this year: Children aged 7 and under can ride transit at no charge.
  • EquiPass is a reduced monthly pass or per-ride fare for eligible persons on a low income.
  • DayPass allows you to ride all day with unlimited transfers until it expires.
  • The whole family can ride all day on a Family DayPass on weekends and select holidays.
  • If you're an eligible university or college student the U-Pass is the way to go.
  • You can lend your monthly Presto pass to someone else who can use it when you aren’t.
  • Take a look at these handy Travel Tips.


Choose a station to see its map, service information,  amenities, and all the good stuff.


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Transferring information card
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Fare Gate information card

Adult fares

Per-ride fares

Presto & ParaPay $3.70
Cash $3.75
Credit / Debit at Ticket Machines $3.70
Credit / Apple Pay / Google Pay at Line 1 fare gates $3.70

Transfer time

Full price list


1 day $11.25
3 days $27.75
5 days $44.50
7 days $52.75
Monthly $125.50

Reduced fares

OC Transpo has a number of reduced fare options for children 8-12, youth 13-19, seniors 65+, and persons receiving Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) benefits.

Check out all these options to  save money riding OC Transpo:

Rack & Roll

The Rack & Roll program combines biking and transit with ease. Every year from late spring to fall, all OC Transpo buses are equipped with a bike rack.

To help you master the Rack & Roll system, check out the practice bike rack at Hurdman Station!  It will remain in place until later this fall. This brand-new feature is a direct result of a customer’s suggestion.

Learn more

Cycling Map

Para Transpo

Para Transpo is a shared-ride, book-in-advance, public transit service. The service is open to eligible customers who are unable to take conventional transit (buses and O-Train) some or all of the time due to a disability.

Customers can book trips online with My Para Transpo. If it is not possible for you to use the My Para Transpo web portal, please call 613-560-5000 or TTY 613-244-4833.

Keeping you safer

While the use of a cloth mask is no longer required, Ottawa Public Health strongly encourages everyone to wear masks on transit, and in stations and shelters. OC Transpo continues to follow public health advice.

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