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Government of Canada workplaces

Returning to the office? Whether you’ve commuted with us in the past or you’re new to transit, we have convenient and flexible options for travelling to your office and back, any day of the week. 


Together, OC Transpo and STO provide service to all major Government of Canada workplaces, with fare options to suit the needs of every customer.  

Our teams are closely monitoring ridership demand and trends as federal government workers return to the workplace. We have capacity for returning commuters and we are prepared to make changes to service where there is a need. 

Downtown Ottawa

Depending on which part of downtown you are travelling to, your most convenient option is to take the O-Train Line 1 to Lyon, Parliament, Rideau, or uOttawa stations. Most bus routes also serve the downtown area and connect with O-Train Line 1.

Get to Downtown Ottawa

Canada Post

Canada Post is located at the intersection of Riverside Drive and Heron Road. It is served by Line 2 buses and Routes 88 and 111.

2701 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1A 0B1

Gatineau (Place du Portage and Terasses de la Chaudière)

Place du Portage

Place du Portage is located at the intersection of Promenade du Portage and rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville in Gatineau. It is served by Route 15 and STO buses.

200 Prom. du Portage, Gatineau, QC J8X 4B7

Terasses de la Chaudière

Terasses de la Chaudière is located at the intersection of rue Eddy and Promenade du Portage in Gatineau. It is served by Routes 61, 63, 66, 75, 85 and STO buses.

15 Rue Eddy, Gatineau, QC J8X 4B3

Transferring to or from an STO bus? Use Plani-bus to help you plan your trip.

National Defense Headquarters (NDHQ, Carling Campus)

The National Defense Headquarters Carling Campus is located at the intersection of Discovery Drive and Network Access Road. It is served by Routes 57, 58, and 66.

60 Moodie Dr, Nepean, ON K1A 0K2

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

The RCMP is located on Leikin Drive between Beckstead Road and Bill Leatham Drive. It is served by Routes 73, 80, 199, and 278.

73 Prom. Leikin Dr, Ottawa, ON K1A 0R2

Tunney's Pasture

Tunney's Pasture is located at the intersection of Scott Street and Holland Avenue, steps away from O-Train Line 1. The entire group of buildings is served by Route 54 Tunney's Pasture.

Get to Tunney's Pasture

Co-working spaces

Don't see your workplace listed? No problem. Just use the Travel Planner and enter your building name or address.

Trip planning resources

Here are resources to make your trip back to the office as smooth as possible.

Travel tools

Sharing a Presto card

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Park & Ride

Park & Ride lots across the City make connecting to transit more convenient for hybrid workers living in Ottawa’s suburbs and beyond, providing a free and flexible alternative to expensive parking passes.

Free Parking

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Travelling between Ottawa and Gatineau? Your OC Transpo fare allows you to travel on and transfer to STO buses at no extra charge. Check the Travel Planner and the latest maps for more information on service between Ottawa and Gatineau. Battery-electric buses

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There are fare options for both frequent and occasional riders. Per ride, day passes, multi-day passes, or monthly passes - find the one that fits your travel needs. You can even share your Presto card with another person.

Sharing a Presto card

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Bikes on our network

Your bicycle is welcome on our buses and trains. All buses are equipped with a bike rack so you can Rack & Roll, even in winter. All our stations have bike racks. With Bikesecure, certain stations also offer sheltered parking spots for your bike at a low cost. 

Cycling connectivity

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New and exciting features

Tap to pay at fare gates. At select Line 1 stations, grab a coffee from Happy Goat Cafe on your way and connect to free Wi-Fi. And more!

Tap to Pay

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Para Transpo

Book, cancel and track your trip online with My Para Transpo. If you’re heading into the office on regular days, we also offer the convenience of recurring bookings. Connect with our Customer Service representatives by calling 613-560-5000

Cycling connectivity

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OC Transpo buses and the O-Train are fully accessible, with low floors, space for people with assistive devices, and cooperative seating for customers who may have difficulty standing on a moving vehicle. Many accessibility services and features make taking the bus and O-Train easier.

Reduced fares

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To your office and back, any day of the week.