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TRANSECURE Outstanding Call of the Month

Please join Transit, Police, Fire, and Ottawa Paramedics in congratulating and thanking our TRANSECURE Employees of the Month for their quick response and concern for others.

January 2023 

Operator: Barry 

On January 27, Operator Barry was in the Seyton Drive and Richmond Road area when a customer with vision loss mistakenly boarded his bus. After noticing that the customer appeared lost, Operator Barry asked them where they were going, then safely secured the bus and disembarked with the customer. Together, they walked to the customer’s correct bus stop so that they could catch their next bus on time.  

Thank you, Barry, for your care, kindness, and for taking the time to help a customer in need. 

Operator: Jessica

On the evening of January 15, a young female customer boarded Jessica’s bus wearing no jacket, shoes or socks. After speaking with the young girl, Operator Jessica quickly discovered she had run away from home. Jessica promptly advised the Transit Operations Control Centre who dispatched the Special Constable Unit (SCU) and contacted the Ottawa Police Service (OPS). Jessica provided shelter for the young girl until OPS arrived. Both SCU and OPS had received reports of this missing girl.

Thank you, Jessica, for being vigilant, observant, and caring and for assisting this customer in distress.

December 2022 

Operator: Nowf

On December 12, Operator Nowf was driving along his route when he noticed a man on the side of St. Patrick’s bridge who appeared to want to harm himself. Operator Nowf safely secured his bus, immediately called 9-1-1, and went to the man and stayed with him until Emergency Services arrived. Ottawa Police arrived shortly after and were able to assist the man.

Thank you, Operator Nowf, for your compassion, care and action in this dire situation

November 2022 

Station Service Attendant: Elizabeth  

On November 11, Station Service Attendant Elizabeth was stationed along Rideau Street to assist passengers. Elizabeth was flagged down by some bystanders who were assisting a man who overdosed down the street. She promptly went to check on the man and recognized he was not breathing. Bystanders advised they administered Narcan, so Elizabeth provided additional doses of Narcan which the bystanders administered. Elizabeth called 9-1-1 and started doing chest compressions. While waiting for Emergency Services to arrive, Elizabeth requested a defibrillator device from a colleague to use on the man while bystanders put ice cubes around his neck and face. As paramedics, Transit Special Constables and other emergency services arrived on the scene, the man regained his heartbeat, began breathing on his own and regained consciousness.

Thank you, Station Service Attendant Elizabeth, for your quick thinking and action in this dire situation which saved a person’s life.

October 2022 

Supervisor: Lorie  

On October 19, Supervisor Lorie was traveling on Highway 417 in an OC Transpo vehicle when she noticed a woman parked on the side of the highway who was trying to wave down someone for assistance. Supervisor Lorie stopped to see if the woman needed anything and was told there was a child in the car who was having trouble breathing. Upon initial examination, Supervisor Lorie could see the child had a high temperature and was likely having a seizure. At this time, a firefighter travelling on their way home stopped to provide additional assistance and Supervisor Lorie called 9-1-1. Police and paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after and brought the child to CHEO. It was later confirmed the child was in fact having seizures because of a high temperature. After receiving necessary medication, the child was safely sent home.  

Thank you, Supervisor Lorie, for your attentiveness, quick action and care which helped ensure the health and safety of a young member of our community. 

September 2022 

Operator: Chris

On the morning of September 13, Operator Chris was doing his run when he noticed a motorist on the side of the road with their hazards on. Operator Chris stopped to assist the motorist, who quickly alerted him about a child who ran in front of their car with no shoes or socks on. The motorist had stopped the child to keep them safe and asked Operator Chris to call for help. Operator Chris called 9-1-1 and the Transit Special Constable Unit to report the lost child. While waiting for Ottawa Police and the Special Constable Unit to arrive on the scene, Operator Chris brought the child on his bus and stayed with the child until Ottawa Police and Transit Special Constable Unit arrived. The child was then safely reunited with their family.  

Thank you, Operator Chris, for your quick action and care that ensured the safety of a young, vulnerable member of our community. 

August 2022 

Operator: Ludwik 
Operator: Gursharan  

On August 11, Operator Ludwik was operating on his route when he saw a man lying on the side of the road near Vincent Massey Park. After safely securing his bus, Operator Ludwik contacted the Transit Operations Control Centre (TOCC) and went to assist the man, who he quickly noticed had suffered a serious stab wound. Operator Gursharan, who was also operating a bus at the time and noticed the man, put in an additional call to the TOCC and stopped to assist. Operator Ludwik asked Operator Gursharan to grab the first aid kit from the bus. The operators applied a bandage compression and then wrapped the man in a shock blanket. Both operators stayed with the man until emergency services arrived on the scene. 

Thank you, Operator Ludwik and Operator Gursharan, for your attention, care, and action in this dire situation.

July 2022 

Operator: Todd

On the afternoon of July 19, Operator Todd was making a stop on Montreal Road when he noticed an unconscious man lying on the ground inside the bus shelter. Operator Todd called the Transit Operations Control Centre to report the situation and, after safely securing his bus, went to assess the man’s condition. Operator Todd was able to quickly recognize that the man was experiencing an opioid overdose based on training and certification he had received. Operator Todd administered a dose of Narcan and stayed on the scene to monitor the man until paramedics could arrive.

As paramedics, Ottawa Fire Services and an OC Transpo Supervisor arrived on the scene, the man began showing signs of consciousness. At this point, paramedics and Fire Services took over the situation, thanked Todd, and were able to determine that the dose of Narcan had saved the man’s life.    

Thank you, Operator Todd, for your attention, quick thinking, and action in this dire situation.

June 2022

Operator: Thomas  

On June 17, Operator Thomas was in the middle of his shift when he noticed a woman on the side of the road not moving. After safely securing his bus, Thomas went to check on the woman. As he approached, he realized that she was unconscious. Operator Thomas immediately contacted the Transit Operations Control Centre to request assistance. His supervisor arrived quickly on the scene and waited with the woman until Paramedics arrived. Thanks to Thomas’s attention and intervention, the woman was able to receive the medical attention she needed.   

Thank you, Operator Thomas, for your vigilance and quick action in this situation, which ensured the overall safety of a woman in distress.

May 2022 

Operator: Shah

Late in the evening of May 25, a twelve-year-old boy boarded Operator Shah’s bus alone. Shah noticed the boy was crying so he asked where he was going. The young passenger explained that he had nowhere to go and was planning to sleep on the streets around the Rideau Centre. The boy disclosed that he was fleeing from an abusive household. Operator Shah called the Transit Operations Control Centre to report the situation, and they contacted Ottawa Police Services to request their support. Shah offered the boy some food and remained with him until authorities arrived to ensure he was supported.

Thank you, Operator Shah, for your compassion, care, and attentiveness in this situation, which ensured the physical and emotional wellbeing of a boy in crisis.

April 2022 

Operator: Steve  

On the afternoon of April 21, Operator Steve noticed a three-year-old child on the side of the road, alone and in the rain. Understanding the immediate concern for the health and safety of the child, Operator Steve stopped and provided the child shelter on the bus. Steve promptly contacted the Transit Operations Control Centre to report the incident and remained with the child until police arrived.  

Thank you, Operator Steve! Due to your decisive action and commitment to safety, the young child was safely returned to their parents.

March 2022

Operator: Marc  

On March 2, a young girl was being physically assaulted by numerous attackers just outside of Tunney’s Pasture Station. Operator Marc noticed the attack and acted promptly to protect the girl by providing her shelter on his bus. Operator Marc then called 9-1-1 and the Transit Operations Control Centre to report the incident. Marc’s swift action and intervention prevented the girl from being injured further.

Thank you, Operator Marc, for your care and commitment to safety in our community and keeping this girl safe!

February 2022

Operator: Antonio  

On the cold evening of February 3, a woman in a motorized wheelchair became stuck in a snowbank as she was making her way home. Operator Antonio noticed the woman and, after safely securing her bus, went to assist her. After helping her out of the snowbank, Antonio offered to drive her home, which the woman gladly accepted. The temperature that evening was –11 degrees and consistently dropping; if the woman had been outdoors longer, it could have presented a danger to her wellbeing. 

Thank you, Operator Antonio, for recognizing a citizen in need and acting quickly to ensure her safety.

January 2022   

Operator: Jozef  

On the morning of January 14, a man had a seizure at an OC Transpo bus station platform. Operator Jozef noticed the man in distress and quickly took action by calling 9-1-1 and reporting the incident to the Special Constable Unit. Operator Jozef stayed with the man to prevent any harm or injury until Paramedic Services arrived. When paramedics got to the scene, they determined that the man had not been injured as a result of his seizure and Transit Special Constables provided the man transportation home.

Thank you, Operator Jozef, for your quick action and assistance that ensured the safety of a customer!

Operator: Jan

On the morning of January 27, an elderly man was walking and trying to make his way to Montfort Hospital but found himself stuck outside in the freezing cold. During his layover, Operator Jan noticed the man outside, appearing fragile, and immediately stopped to assist him. Upon learning he needed to go to Montfort Hospital, Jan invited him to board his bus, where he could warm up, and transported him safely to his destination.   

Thank you, Operator Jan, for your commitment to safety in our community and ensuring the wellbeing of one of Ottawa’s residents!