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Treamblay Station door sign

Tremblay station

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Tremblay Station brings light rail service to VIA Rail’s Ottawa (main) station. Max Keeping Bridge connects this station with RCGT Park (baseball stadium) across the Queensway.

Quick facts:

  • Opened on September 14, 2019, as part of the Line 1.
  • Located between St-Laurent Station (previous stop) and Hurdman Station (next stop).

Station map

Tremblay station layout

Features & amenities

Ticket machine icon
Fares made easy

  • Ticket machines with video chat help
  • Fare gates at the station entrance

Transit infoormatin icon
Navigation and wayfinding

  • Clear signage and wayfinding

  • Illuminated “O” pylon and lantern box
  • Digital departure screens giving estimated train and bus trip times
  • Service maps
  • Map of nearby destinations (within walking distance)

Accessibility icon

  • Dual elevators
  • Audible and visual announcements
  • Tactile wayfinding tiles & platform edge indicator strips
  • Braille/tactile signage

Cycling icon
Cyclist amenities

  • Bicycle parking
  • Stairway bike ramps (runnels) to let you easily walk your bike up and down stairs
  • Connection to multi-use pathway

Transecure icons
Safety and security

  • Transecure waiting area
  • Emergency phones
  • Platform edge indicator strips
  • Video camera monitoring

WC icon
Comfort and convenience

  • Free Wi-Fi from TELUS

  • Heated designated waiting areas
  • Public art: "National Garden" by Jyhling Lee.

Route Direction Stop
1 Tunney's Pasture West
1 Blair East
R1 Tunney's Pasture B
R1 Blair A
N39 Rideau B
N39 Trim A
451 Lansdowne B

What’s nearby

Places of interest within 5 km

  • VIA Rail Ottawa Train Station
  • Max Keeping Bridge 417 pedestrian crossing
  • RCGT Park (Ottawa baseball stadium)

Also close-by

  • Ottawa Train Yards
  • Hampton Inn and Courtyard Ottawa hotels
  • Canada Post head office