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Developer Documentation

Access to the new open data feeds

To access the new GTFS open data feeds, you will have to sign up for a new key. This is because the GTFS feed requires a new beta environment. Your existing account and key for API 2.0 will not change. If you have an existing account, you can use the same email address to sign up for a new account and key. You can login or sign up below:

Azure developer portal to access the GTFS open data feeds

The final and official version of the GTFS Realtime feed will be released later in 2024.

Read the new GTFS Schedules Release Notes documentation.

Our current data feed API 2.0 will continue to be available and supported but will eventually be replaced with the new OC Transpo GTFS Realtime open data feed. See the API 2.0 documentation for more information.