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Built for safety

Station schematic

Safe travels

  • Open-concept, well-lit station design
  • Monitored by cameras full time
  • Transecure waiting areas
  • Emergency phones

Safe travels

Confederation Line stations and trains have been carefully designed to provide a safe environment for riders who use our services. The trains will operate in a dedicated rail corridor with no at-grade crossings. The entire rail line will be fenced off and secure to keep everyone off the tracks and away from the hazards posed by passing trains and the electric power supply.Don't touch the wires, stay off the tracks


The O-Train Confederation Line will be served by 15 trains each made up of two Alstom Citadis Spirit cars. The trains are designed to provide a safe and comfortable ride for customers:

  • On-board emergency passenger intercoms
  • Slip-resistant, low-glare floors
  • Platform level-entry from all 14 doors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Video cameras
  • Easy to reach grab bars

Train interior


All Confederation Line stations have been designed to be open-concept, well-lit and easy to navigate. Putting customer safety first, stations include safety features like emergency phones, camera monitoring systems and Transecure waiting areas on train and bus platforms. 

Waiting areas will be marked by bold signs featuring the Transecure logo

Transecure waiting area icon

Tactile warning strips and inter-car barriers will be in place to keep everyone safely away from the platform edge.

Do not stand on train platform edge
Warning sign reminding riders not to stand on the yellow platform edge

St-Laurent Station train platform edge

Arriving customers will find it easier to orient themselves at stations with an inviting, open-concept design that features abundant glass and open sightlines.

Tunney's Pasture Station