Old paper bus tickets have expired

Coloured paper bus tickets are being replaced and are no longer accepted. 

These easy ways to pay-per-ride offer same or better value than old bus tickets:

Presto logoe-Purse

  • Lowest fare
  • Load online, by phone, in person or at the fare gate

Get yours today

New Presto cards cost $6.00

OC Transpo Customer Service Centre icon

OC Transpo Customer Service Centres

Rideau Centre, Lincoln Fields, Place d'Orléans, St-Laurent

Set your Community, EquiPass or Access discount here

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prestocard.ca / 1-877-378-6123

Allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery of your card

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City of Ottawa Client Service Centres

City Hall, Kanata, Ben Franklin

Ticket Machine Icon

Ticket machines at Carling, Carleton, Mooney’s Bay and Greenboro stations

Buy and load instantly!


  • Low rates

Exact change only.

Pay on the bus.

Single-ride ticket from ticket machine

  • Same low rates as cash
  • Easy to use, accessible machines
  • Pay using debit, credit card or cash

Ticket machineTicket machines are found at Carling, Carleton, Mooney's Bay and Greenboro stations.

Ticket machines will also be found at all O-Train Line 1 stations.

Monthly passes are the best value for frequent riders.

Single ride vouchers
For organizations that provide free transit tickets to clients

Groups who hand out bus tickets free of charge to their clients or employees can apply to buy single ride vouchers. Customers will be able to redeem vouchers (for a transfer on buses or for a ticket at the Voucher Exchange at an O-Train station) at any time until the printed expiry date on the bottom of the voucher. Single ride vouchers are not for public sale. To request more information or register your organization as a purchaser, please contact occommunityengagement@ottawa.ca.

Paying for transit with a single ride voucher

If you have received a single ride voucher, you can use it to pay for a trip one of two ways:

On the bus At an O-Train station (except Bayview)
  1. Drop it in the fare box as you would with bus tickets
  2. Wait for your transfer
  1. Scan your voucher at a Voucher Exchange
  2. Your ticket for immediate use will print; it expires at the indicated time
  3. Scan your ticket at the fare gate
  4. Throw away your used voucher – it is no longer valid

There is no Voucher Exchange machine or fare gates at Bayview Station. If you are starting your trip on the O-Train at Bayview, hold onto your voucher while you ride the O-Train. The voucher will be your proof of purchase in case of fare inspection.

All you need to know about PRESTO

  • How to use
  • Features
  • User tips
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