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Day in the life: Transit Supervisor

Image - Day in the life: Transit Supervisor

Pictured above: Transit Supervisor Eric providing support at Tunney’s Pasture Station

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes to ensure you get from A to B? Transit Supervisors work tirelessly to keep our buses running smoothly by supporting our operators and resolving issues.

Whether they're out on the streets or stationed at the Transit Operations Control Centre, Transit Supervisors are a critical part of our transit system. From ensuring the safety and reliability of our buses to helping our hardworking bus operators, Transit Supervisors support your journey every step of the way.

Transit Supervisors are constantly monitoring your trip and making adjustments to address various issues. Traffic, accidents, mechanical breakdowns, or inclement weather can change travel plans for all road users. This is when Transit Supervisors work their magic to help our transit system best perform by making service adjustments such as implementing detours and working with our Customer Service team members to communicate service changes to the public promptly.

Today, we caught up with Eric, one of our dedicated Transit Supervisors, to give you a peek into his world.

A Typical Day

Eric is based out of Tunney’s Pasture Station, where he supports bus operations in the west end of Ottawa. His shift kicks off at 6 pm where he begins assisting the Transit Operations Control Centre (TOCC) in handling calls from operators out on the road. Eric monitors whether your bus is on time and works to resolve issues in real-time. This may include dispatching a replacement bus or operator to fill in where needed or implementing detours around impacted areas. Throughout his shift, he responds to mechanical breakdowns and assists bus operators in the west end either over the radio or in the station at the end of their routes. Whether it's an operator who needs help with a quick fix or a major service delay, Eric is on it, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

 Transit Supervisors monitor route performance and work closely with the Transit Operations Control Centre to help keep our city moving.

Pictured above: Transit Supervisors monitor route performance and work closely with the Transit Operations Control Centre to help keep our city moving.

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Eric also troubleshoots problems for operators at Tunney’s Pasture. Buses may require maintenance tasks like replacing printer rolls or resetting onboard computer systems. He also addresses scheduling adjustments to maintain service reliability by dispatching additional operators or buses when possible. For example, this may include if an operator becomes ill and must leave work, traffic congestion resulting in unfortunate delays, or if we’re seeing high passenger volumes. Each day presents unique challenges, requiring Eric to be prepared for anything.

Additionally, Eric conducts platform checks for safety issues, monitors crowding on buses and platforms, and works with the TOCC to address anything affecting bus service such as snow or slippery conditions. At 9 pm, the Night Stop at Tunney’s Pasture Stop “C” begins, next to the entrance to the O-Train station. The Night Stop program provides a safe place for customers to wait for their buses in the evening. Eric will do a sweep of the station to ensure customers are not waiting at the regular stops after 9 pm and encourages them to make their way to the Night Stop to catch their bus.

As the clock strikes 2 am, Eric wraps up his shift, making sure everything is set for the next Transit Supervisor to take over.

Safety is first

Eric is committed to providing the best possible service to customers and operators, whether in the TOCC, on the road, or at a station. Sometimes this means bringing out the first aid kit. Like all Transit Supervisors, Eric is trained as a first responder to assist customers until emergency services can arrive on scene. Operators are also very good at bringing safety issues at the station to Eric’s attention, and there is a collaboration that takes place to ensure everyone can continue their work in a safe environment. Every decision made aims to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable transit service, with full support for bus operators.

Contributing to Others

Being an OC Transpo Supervisor is challenging, rewarding, and occasionally stressful. It requires dedication, commitment, and a readiness to serve others.

Eric, stationed at Tunney’s Pasture, considers it a privilege to serve the people of Ottawa.

Pictured above: Eric, stationed at Tunney’s Pasture, considers it a privilege to serve the people of Ottawa.

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Eric's military background as an Administration Clerk has honed his organizational skills, enabling him to efficiently address challenges. He finds great satisfaction in supporting operators and fellow Transit Supervisors, knowing his actions have a tangible impact on others.

He says, “it’s a great feeling knowing that when you come to work, you know that your actions that day are going to have a tangible effect on others. Sometimes, you get to see an immediate effect, like when I’ve helped an operator navigate a service issue or was able to assist a customer with some service information. Sometimes it’s being able to help another Transit Supervisor who is in a vehicle, and therefore not close to their computer. I’m able to assist with the coordination of resources to support them that way.”

In the end, Eric considers it a privilege to serve the people of Ottawa as a Transit Supervisor.

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