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✨ Get a sneak peek of Lines 2 & 4 with virtual tours

Image - ✨ Get a sneak peek of Lines 2 & 4 with virtual tours

You don’t have to wait for Lines 2 and 4 to open to start familiarizing yourself with the new stations and trains!

We’re producing a series of virtual tours to introduce you to each station along the new lines, and the trains you’ll be taking on your future trips.

Since these are early sneak previews, keep in mind that stations weren’t completely finished when these tours were filmed. You’ll see some temporary fencing and other construction material. But we hope you enjoy looking around the station in a full 360° view and learning about some of the key features we’ve highlighted.

To kick things off, take a look around Walkley Station, Greenboro Station, Airport Station, the Stadler FLIRT train that will be running on Line 2, and the Lint train that will be running to the airport on Line 4 (and sometimes coupled together on Line 2).

Click through the tours below, and check out the virtual tour archive to see when we’ve updated it with new tours.

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Discover the new virtual tours posted directly on the virtual tour page.