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New fare readers on buses

Image - New fare readers on buses

You may soon notice some changes to the look of fare readers on OC Transpo buses. We’re beginning to install new, red smartcard fare readers across our bus fleet. This is in preparation to offer you the ability to pay for fares with credit cards and mobile wallet in the future.

There are no immediate changes to how you pay your fare. Continue to tap your Presto card, U-Pass or STO Multi card on the fare reader as usual. If you’re using a transfer or if your pass isn’t a smartcard, continue to board at the front and show your pass or transfer to the Operator. Once the fare readers are fully installed across the system, additional payment options will be introduced.

User tapping Presto Card to Fare Reader

Future features

The new fare readers feature a barcode icon with arrows pointing to a scanner underneath the reader. In the future, the new fare readers will have the ability to scan transfers or other tickets with a barcode. Until the fare readers have been fully installed across the system, customers should continue to board at the front and show their transfer to the operator.

New fare readers at fare gates

Smartcard fare readers have also been installed at all O-Train Line 1 stations. Specially marked fare gates have already been activated to accept credit card and mobile phone taps. Read more about the New way to pay at Line 1 stations. Over the next few months, the new readers will be installed at all fare gates.