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Fare prices

Image text: Prices

Same fares as the bus

  • Free transfer from the bus to train, and train to bus
  • All existing smartcard passes will be accepted
  • Discounted fares for the bus system will also apply on the train (for customers who qualify)

Transit fares have been simplified.

One price for all routes and train lines

Since 2017, it costs the same price to ride any route across the OC Transpo network, including the O-Train and Connexion routes (formerly Express routes). As a result:

  • You no longer need to consider the route types when calculating your travels costs
  • You can transfer between any bus route or train line, heading in any direction, at no extra charge until your transfer time expires (90 minutes during weekdays — up to two hours on evenings and weekends)
  • If you qualify for reduced bus fares (Senior 65+, Youth, Child, Community, Access, EquiPass or U-Pass), you are able to ride the O-Train at the same reduced rate

Route type

O-Train symbol and line numbers 1 and 2

Rapid route symbol

Frequent route symbol

Connexion route symbol

Local route symbol

Fare required

Regular fare