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Where and how to pay

How to pay your fare

Monthly passes

Monthly passes go on sale 14 days before the start of the month. A monthly pass is only valid during the calendar month for which it is purchased. Passes are open to Ontario residents only.

For discounted passes, you must set your discount before loading your pass. All discounts can be applied at our Customer Service Centres. You can set your age (Child, Youth or Senior) at participating Shoppers Drug Mart locations as well.

Cash fares

Cash lets you pay for your trip without buying your fare in advance. It is the most expensive payment option. If you expect to make 3 or more one-way trips on the same day, opt for a DayPass instead.

Using cash on the bus:

Make sure you have the exact amount on you. The driver and fare box can’t make change.

  • Board by the front doors.
  • Deposit your money in the fare box.
  • Wait for your transfer to print before making your way to your seat.

To pay using cash an O-Train station, you will need to use a Ticket machine.


The DayPass lets you ride on OC Transpo and STO from the time of purchase until it expires. To ride, just tap your DayPass at the fare gate or show it to the operator as you board the bus.

Current DayPass prices

1 day $11.25
3 days $27.75
5 days $44.50
7 days $52.75

A DayPass is valid for unlimited travel all day, for one person.

On weekends and specified holidays, use a one-day DayPass as a Family Pass!

Validity period

DayPasses are for immediate use only and expire at the time indicated:

Expiration from time of purchase

The next morning at 3 am


Three days later at 3 am

Example: If you buy a 3-DayPass on Monday, it will expire on Thursday morning


Five days later at 3 am

Example: If you buy a 5-Day Pass on Monday, it will expire on Saturday morning


Seven days later at 3 am

Example: If you buy a 7-Day Pass on Monday, it will expire the following Monday morning

Where to buy your DayPass

All DayPasses are available for sale at Ticket machines. Ticket Machines accept credit, debit or cash.

One-day DayPasses are also available on buses. Just ask your bus driver as you board.

A multi-day DayPass cannot be used as Family DayPass

Only the single-day DayPass can be used as a Family DayPass.


Family DayPass

Stick figure family boarding a busOn Saturdays, Sundays and select statutory holidays (see below), the whole family can ride all day on a single DayPass ($11.25)!

A family can be made up of as many as 6 people, with a maximum of two aged 13 or older.

Statutory Holidays on which you can use the DayPass as a Family DayPass

  • New Year’s Day
  • Family Day
  • Good Friday
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Civic Holiday
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Boxing Day

You can only use the DayPass as a family pass on the holiday itself, even if the holiday falls on a weekend and is celebrated on another day.

The DayPass cannot be used as family fare aboard STO routes but it can be used to pay a single person’s fare.

Expanded days: many more days of super value!

The Family DayPass is now also available any day during the following periods:

Holiday Dates (2022)
First week of the New Year Jan. 3 to 7
March break March 14 to 18
Summer holiday All of July and August
Christmas break Dec. 26 to 30

This change is being piloted for 2021–2022. Council will then review extending the program.

Where to buy


You can buy a Presto card, load a pass or money onto your card and check your card balance at many convenient locations.

If you qualify for a discount (such as EquiPass or Child fare), don’t forget to set your discount before you load your card!

OC Transpo sales locations
Available fares

  • Order a Presto card
  • Load your card

Read More about what you can do on

Ticket Machine

  • Single-ride ticket
  • DayPass (for 1, 3, 5, 7 or days)
  • Family DayPass
  • Presto card purchase
  • Presto Card instant load

Read More about Ticket Machines

OC Transpo Customer Service Centres (CSCs)

  • Presto card purchase
  • Presto card instant load
  • Set a discount (EquiPass, Access, Community, Senior, Youth, Child) on a new or existing Presto card

CSC Hours of operation

Rideau CSC 
  • All Presto products
  • a-card
  • Free Child ID card (to prove your age)

ServiceOttawa Client Service Centres
(City Hall, Kanata and Ben Franklin locations only)

  • Presto card purchase
  • Presto card instant load

ServiceOttawa Centre Hours of operation

Select Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws families of stores

  • Presto card purchase
  • Presto card instant load

On the bus

  • Paper transfer
  • Presto e-Transfer
  • One-day DayPass
  • Family DayPass

Shoppers Drug Mart

The following Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Ottawa can sell and instantly load Presto cards.

  • Albert Street, 111 Albert Street, Unit #110
  • Alta Vista, 1559 Alta Vista Drive
  • Bank & Findlay, 4744 Bank Street, Unit 1
  • Bank & Gladstone, 455 Bank Street
  • Bank & Heron, 1582 Bank Street
  • Bank & Laurier, 174 Bank Street
  • Bank & Sunnyside, 1080 Bank Street
  • Bank & Walkley, 1180 Walkley Road
  • Bank Street & Hunt Club Road, 2446 Bank Street
  • Barrhaven, 3781 Strandherd Drive
  • Beacon Hill Shopping Centre, 2339 Ogilvie Road
  • Bells Corners, 1821 Robertson Road
  • Blackburn Shopping Centre, 2638 Innes Road
  • Brittany Medical, 595 Montreal Road
  • Carling Avenue, 3080 Carling Avenue
  • Chapman Mills, 3151 Strandherd Drive
  • Convent Glen Shopping Centre, 6491 Jeanne d'Arc Blvd
  • Dalhousie & Clarence, 298 Dalhousie Street
  • Eagleson & Stonehaven, 680 Eagleson Road
  • Fairlawn Plaza, 2148 Carling Avenue, Unit #1
  • Fallingbrook Centre, 1675 Tenth Line Road
  • Greenbank & Bellman, 181 Greenbank Road
  • Hazeldean & Huntmar, 5709 Hazeldean Road
  • Hunt Club Centre, 3310 McCarthy Road
  • Innes Road & Portobello Boulevard, 1937 Portobello Boulevard
  • Meadowlands Drive, 888 Meadowlands Drive E
  • Mer Bleue, 3940 Innes Road
  • Merivale & Baseline, 1469 Merivale Road
  • Merivale Mall, 1642 Merivale Road
  • Mitch Owens & River, 5230 Mitch Owens Road
  • Montreal & St. Laurent, 541 Montreal Road
  • Montreal Road, 150 Montreal Road
  • Montreal Road Pharmacy, 876 Montreal Road
  • Morgan's Grant, 1102 Klondike Road, RR #1
  • Place d'Orléans & St. Joseph, 2954 St. Joseph Boulevard
  • Richmond & Carling, 1460 Richmond Road
  • Rideau & King Edward, 322 Rideau Street
  • Rideau Centre, 50 Rideau Street
  • River & Earl Armstrong, 647 Earl Armstrong Road
  • Rockland, 2755 Laurier Street
  • Shoppers City East, 2012 Ogilvie Road, Bldg A1
  • Signature Centre, 499 Terry Fox Drive
  • Southgate, 2515 Bank Street
  • St. Laurent Shopping Centre, 1200 St. Laurent Boulevard
  • Stittsville, 1300 Stittsville Main Street, Unit 101A
  • Tenth Line & Brian Coburn, 2301 Tenth Line Road
  • The Glebe, 702 Bank Street, Unit 700
  • The Glebe Apothecary, 778 Bank Street
  • Van Leeuwen Centre, 420 Hazeldean Road
  • Westboro, 410 Richmond Road
  • Westgate Shopping Centre, 1309 Carling Avenue

Loblaws stores

  • 2210C Bank Street
  • 1980 Baseline Road
  • 2085 Carling Avenue
  • 200 Earl Gray Drive
  • 3201 Greenbank Road
  • 64 Isabella Street
  • 100 McArthur Avenue
  • 1460 Merivale Road
  • 1980 Ogilvie Road
  • 363 Rideau Street
  • 2065A Robertson Road

Real Canadian Superstore locations

  • 760 Eagleson Road
  • 4270 Innes Road
  • 190 Richmond Road

Your Independent Grocer

  • Laura's Your Independent Grocer, 1910 St. Laurent Boulevard

Single-ride ticket and cash fare

Single ride tickets and transfers allow for unlimited travel or transfer from the time they are issued until they expire.

Ticket Machines
Pay using:
  • Cash*
  • Credit card
  • Debit card

On the bus
Front boarding only

  • Exact change only
  • Wait for your transfer to print before heading to your seat

DayPass/Family DayPass

All DayPasses are available for sale at Ticket machines. Ticket Machines accept credit, debit or cash.

One-day DayPasses are also available on buses. Just ask your bus driver as you board.

DayPass sales locations
Accepted payment methods
Ticket Machines
  • Cash*
  • Credit card
  • Debit card

On the bus
Front boarding only

  • Cash
    • Exact change only
    • Wait for your DayPass to print before heading to your seat
  • Presto e-Purse

    • Ask your driver for a DayPass before you tap

*Ticket Machines cannot accept $100-bills.

Where to set a fare discount on a Presto card

Discount type



All OC Transpo Customer Service Centres (CSCs):

  • St-Laurent
  • Rideau Centre

Participating Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws family of stores




CSCs only:

  • St-Laurent
  • Rideau Centre