Fares, pass and ticket enquiries

Fares, pass and ticket enquiries FAQ


What are the current fares?

Current fares are effective July 1, 2016. For info on adult, senior, student and child fares, please visit our What it costs page in our Fares section. For information on purchasing and using different fare products, please see the How to pay page.

Are there fare discounts? Who qualifies?

Presto continues to offer savings compared to a regular cash fare. If you are a frequent rider a monthly pass is still your most economical choice.

Children aged 5 years or less ride free on all OC Transpo services. 

To qualify for Student fares, you must be aged 13 to 19 and in full-time attendance at primary, secondary, or post-secondary school.

Seniors 65 or older can ride free all day on Wednesdays. This offer includes all bus routes and the O-Train, but does not include Para Transpo. Seniors should be prepared to show proof of age. 

The discounted Community Pass reduces the cost of transit for Ottawa residents who receive ODSP benefits under the Ontario Disability Support Program. Registered Para Transpo customers are also entitled to purchase a Community pass whether or not they receive ODSP Benefits.

The DayPass allows unlimited travel all day, making it a great low-cost way for tourists, residents, and entire families to see the city. On Saturdays, Sundays and select holidays, the DayPass can be used s a Family DayPass, allowing up to 2 adults, ages 13 or older and 4 children 12 and under to travel with one DayPass.

Can I avoid long lineups at Customer Service Centres at the beginning of the month?

Avoid line-ups and load your Presto card early or online. Passes are available the first 14 and last 14 days of the month. Buy your pass early to avoid long lineups.

We have approximately 300 vendors across the city - new vendors are added from time to time and some existing vendors are removed. Please check the vendor map for a list of our vendors. Some vendors only sell passes while others may sell only tickets.

If you visited one of our vendors that should have had the passes or tickets for sale but they were unavailable, or if you have any other concerns about our vendors, please let us know.

Where can I buy bus tickets or passes?

To be eligible for an OC Transpo Photo ID and bus pass, you must be a resident of Ontario. Bus tickets and transit passes can be purchased at our OC Transpo Customer Service Centres, Government Service Centres and various local VendorsSome colleges and universities also have pass and ticket outlets on campus, for their students.

Use the Google map to find a vendor near you. NOTE: Please ensure you have selected the 'Vendors' tab. Then just enter an address in the address field and you will see the vendors near your location.

Why are bus tickets better than cash?

Bus tickets continue to offer savings compared to a regular cash fare - you save $0.70 per return trip. If you travel 20 days a month or more, you can save an additional $38.75 with a regular monthly pass.

What is the DayPass?

The DayPass allows unlimited travel all day, making it a great low-cost way for tourists, residents, and entire families to see the city. The whole family travels with one DayPass on Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays. The DayPass must be bought on the day of travel directly from the bus driver or the O-Train ticket vending machine using your PRESTO e-Purse balance or exact change. 

I lost my bus pass, who do I contact?

Contact our Lost & Found office at 613-563-4011. All items must be claimed at the Lost & Found office located at Heartwood House, 404 McArthur Avenue.

Be sure to complete the information section on the back of your bus pass.  When the item pass is turned in, this will help us return the pass to you. If you have a registered PRESTO card, you can purchase a replacement card and transfer your balance or monthly pass.

If you find a lost bus pass, please give it to any bus operator, or drop it in a Canada Post mailbox.

What is the difference between Express Fare and Regular Fare?

Express fare is $ or three tickets, which is more than regular fare. Express routes provide direct, quick trips from suburban communities to downtown and back during rush hours. 

Why was my Child charged regular fare?

Children 6 to 12 years old are charged child's fare. If your child is 12 years or younger - but appears older, we recommend that you obtain an OC Transpo Child Photo ID for them. The child's photo ID card is free and can be obtained at our Customer Service Centres. Children 5 and under travel for free.

Why was my bus pass confiscated?

Your bus pass may have been confiscated for one of the following reasons:

  • OC Transpo Photo ID card doesn't match the type of bus pass.
  • Bus pass isn't current.
  • Photo ID numbers not entered on monthly bus pass.

In the event that these criteria were met and your pass was still confiscated, please fill out this Customer Service Form and we will address your concerns. 

How are fares determined?

The objective of Ottawa’s transit service is to offer effective travel options at the lowest possible cost. In recent years, 50% of transit’s operating cost was recovered from passenger fares, with the remainder funded by property taxes. Some funding for transit operations is received from the provincial or federal governments through the gas tax transfer, but property taxes are the City’s only other funding source.

Fares help determine transit’s economic competitiveness compared to car ownership and operation. The transit fare structure can enhance product management and help build new markets by providing incentives for loyal customers. Fare collection systems that use advanced technologies can do even more to achieve the City’s financial performance, modal shift and social objectives.

What time does the free service on Wednesdays for Seniors 65+ end?

The free service is valid until the end of the “service day”, which is 3:30 a.m. the next day. While many routes end by midnight, some routes have service that extends into the next day. For instance, you could board a trip on Route 95 at 1:15 a.m. on a Thursday for free, because it is still part of the previous Wednesday’s service day.

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