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Some riders qualify for fare discounts. The table below outlines the available discounts and the documentation required to take advantage of reduced fares.

To set a discount on your PRESTO card, you must bring the required proof of eligibility and your PRESTO card to a Customer Service Centre.

Discount eligibility criteria effective Jan. 1, 2017


Eligibility criteria

Required proof of eligibility

Available discounts

Seniors 65+
  • Be 65 or older
  • Live in Ontario
  • A piece of identification, such as a driver’s licence, Ontario Photo Card or other signed ID with your address on it
  • Proof of age: any official document with your date of birth on it
  • Free Wednesdays on all routes (except Para Transpo)
  • Discounted monthly pass
  • Lower cash and PRESTO e-purse fares
Students at U-Pass institutions
  • Be a full-time student Algonquin College, Carleton U., Saint Paul U. or uOttawa

Varies by institutions:


  • U-Pass (cost included in your student fees) lets you ride all OC Transpo and STO routes during your full-time school terms:
    • From Sept. 1 to April 30, for the regular school year
    • From May 1 to Aug. 31 for spring/summer
Youth 13-19
  • Be between the ages of  13 and 19
  • Live in Ontario
  • Photo ID or signed ID with your address on it
  • Proof of age — an official document with your birthday on it
  • Reduced-fare monthly pass (Youth pass)
  • Some students receive a school board PRESTO card for free; check with your school before buying a pass!
Children 6-12
  • Be between the ages of 6 and 12
  • An OC Transpo child photo ID (get your card for free by bringing a document with your birthday on it to a Customer Service Centre)
  • Lower cash, PRESTO e-purse and ticket fares (1 ticket)
  • Discounted monthly pass (Youth pass) for frequent riders
Children 5 and under
  • Be 5 or younger


  • Ride free on all routes, at any time
Para Transpo customers

(ODSP recipients, see "Persons receiving ODSP benefits" instead)
  • Be registered as a Para Transpo customer
  • Para Transpo registration number
  • Discounted monthly Access pass that lets you ride unlimited on all non Para Transpo buses and lets you save one-third of the cash-fare price (per ride) on your Para Transpo trips and ride for only $ (or 2 tickets).
Persons who are blind or partially sighted
  • Hold a CNIB client card
  • Have an Attorney-General of Ontario Guide Dog photo ID card
  • CNIB one-piece photo ID card
  • Attorney-General of Ontario Guide Dog photo ID card
  • Ride free on all routes except Para Transpo
Persons receiving ODSP benefits
  • Be an Ottawa resident
  • Receive benefits under the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
  • Completed Community Pass Application Form
  • Valid photo ID, such as an age of majority card, workplace or volunteer ID card, driver's licence or passport
  • ODSP document with your member number and your name, such as an ODSP benefit cheque stub or dental card
  • Discounted monthly Community pass that lets you ride on all routes, including Para Transpo, without a top-up
Eligible persons on a low income

(ODSP recipients, see "Persons receiving ODSP benefits" instead)
  • DO NOT receive transportation benefits from Social Services
  • Discounted EquiPass, which costs approximately half the cost of an Adult pass
Families travelling on weekends and holidays
  • Travel on a Saturday, Sunday or an applicable statutory holiday
  • Be a family or group of up to six persons with a maximum of two aged 13 or older


  • The whole family can ride all day on a single DayPass
Lansdowne event ticketholders
  • Have a ticket to any Lansdowne event
  • Paper ticket or e-ticket
  • Ride for free on any OC Transpo or STO route starting 3 hours before the event, until 3 hours after the event