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How to pay

How to pay


Overview of payment types

How the different fare options compare

Occasional riders: per-ride travel options

  PRESTO e‑Purse Cash
  • Cheapest per-trip option (Adult per-ride: $)
  • Most expensive (Adult per-ride fare: $)
Where you can buy
  • Online
  • By phone:  1‑8‑PRESTO‑123 (1‑877‑378‑6123)
  • OC Transpo Customer Service Centres
  • City Hall, Kanata & Ben Franklin ServiceOttawa Client Service Centres
  • Participating Shoppers Drug Mart stores
  • On the bus (with exact change)
  • From a ticket machine at O-Train stations (with cash, credit or debit)
  • Most cost-effective option
  • Accepted on all routes, including the O-Train Trillium Line
  • Worry-free Autoload and Autorenew options let you make sure you always have your fare
  • You can lend your card when you aren’t using it
  • Board from the front or back doors on double deckers and articulated buses
  • When registered:
    • Go into overdraft for one trip (25-cent fee applies)
    • Transfer funds if you lose your card or if it is stolen
    • Access your usage report for tax purposes
  • No need to buy your fare in advance
  • $-card fee
  • Minimum load (e-Purse or any pass) of $10-value
  • You can’t pay for an STO trip with your e-purse but you can transfer to an STO route once you have paid your fare aboard OC Transpo until your transfer time expires
  • Front boarding only
  • Please wait for your POP transfer before heading to your seat

Frequent riders: monthly passes

If you use transit on a regular basis (20 days or more, or even less depending on pass type), a monthly pass will save you time and money. 

Additional costs
  • PRESTO card fee: $
Where you can buy
  • Get, load and reload your card online
  • Set up Autorenew to avoid having to buy a new pass every month
  • Lend your card to someone in the same fare class
  • If your card is registered, you can transfer your pass to a new card if yours gets lost or stolen
  • Open to Ontario residents only
  • For discounted passes, must set discount in person at a Customer Service Centre. You can set your age (for a Child, Youth or Senior discount) at participating Shoppers Drug Mart locations.
  • Register your card to access your Transit Usage Report for tax credit purposes
  • You can load your monthly pass up to 14 days before the start of the new month
  • You need to renew your discount: every two years for Community and Access pass holders
  • Monthly passes are only valid during the calendar month for which they are purchased


  • Cash is the most expensive payment option but it allows you to use transit without purchasing fare payment options in advance.

Ride using cash

  • If you use cash to pay your fare, you need to board by the front doors.
  • Make sure you have  the exact amount on you – your driver cannot make change
  • Once you have put your money in the fare box, wait for your POP transfer to dispend before making your way to your seat. Your transfer will serve as proof of payment and allow you to transfer to other routes until it expires.
  • If you know you will be making three or more one-way trips on the same day, you can request a DayPass for $.


The DayPass lets you ride on OC Transpo, Para Transpo and STO from the time of purchase until it expires. To ride, just tap your DayPass at the fare gate or show it to the operator as you board the bus.

Current DayPass prices

Per 1, 3, 5, 7 days
1 day $
3 days $
5 days $
7 days $

DayPass validity period

DayPasses are for immediate use only and expire at the time indicated:

Example of a 3-Day Pass


  Expiration from time of purchase
1-DayPass The next morning at 3 am
3-DayPass Three days later at 3 am
Example: If you buy a 3-DayPass on Monday, it will expire on Thursday morning
5-DayPass Five days later at 3 am
Example: If you buy a 5-Day Pass on Monday, it will expire on Saturday morning
7-DayPass Seven days later at 3 am
Example: If you buy a 5-Day Pass on Monday, it will expire the following Monday morning

Where to buy your DayPass

All DayPasses are available for sale at Ticket Machines. You will find Ticket Machines at all O-Train Stations except Bayview. Ticket Machines accept credit, debit or cash.
One-day DayPasses are also available on buses. Just ask your bus driver as you board.

Multi-day DayPass cannot be used as Family DayPass

Only the single-day DayPass can be used as a Family DayPass (see below). 

Family DayPass

Stick figure family boarding a busOn Saturdays, Sundays and select statutory holidays (see below), the whole family can ride all day on a single DayPass ($)!

A family can be made up of as many as 6 people, with a maximum of two aged 13 or older.

Statutory Holidays on which you can use the DayPass as a Family DayPass

  • New Year's Day
  • Family Day 
  • Good Friday
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Civic Holiday
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Boxing Day

You can only use the DayPass as a family pass on the holiday itself, even if the holiday falls on a weekend and is celebrated on another day.

The DayPass cannot be used as family fare aboard STO routes but it can be used to pay a single person’s fare.

POP Transfers

If you pay with cash or a single-ride voucher, don’t forget to get your POP transfer. If it isn’t dispensed automatically, ask the driver. Your transfer serves as proof of payment where it is required: on the O-Train, O-Train platform, articulated (accordion) buses and double deckers. The POP ticket lets you to transfer to another route until your transfer time runs out..


  • To use your transfer to pay for your trip, board from the front door and show it your driver
  • You can ride with a transfer in any direction until it expires

Transfer time

  • In the day-time on weekdays and Saturdays, transfers expire 90 minutes after they are issued
  • On evenings, Sundays and holidays, the validity period of transfers is 105 minutes


The a-card is a free smart card for customers with a Support Person, CNIB or Attorney General of Ontario card.

Using the card

For cards issued for a Support Person, please pay your own fare first. Then, use the a-card to pay the fare of your support person.

a-card users:
Tap at the fare gate. Don’t tap on the bus!

Tap your card at the fare gates
Don't tap your card on the bus

At transit stations with fare gates:

Tap your a-card onto the card reader to open the gate. Readers are located on the right-hand side of each fare gate.
Every station has at least one wider accessible fare gate. These gates have two card readers each at different heights so you can choose the reader that works best for you.
Visual and audio signals will let you know your card was accepted. When the gate opens, walk through.

On the bus:

Show your card to the operator when you board.

More info

For more information on accessible transit or to report a lost or damaged a-card, email us at