Child Fares

Kids (6-12) Per ride

  Presto e‑Purse Cash
exact change only
All routes $ $

If you look older than 12 years old, a free OC Transpo Child photo ID card can help us verify your age.

Youth (6-19) Per month

All routes $

Kids 5 & under

All routes Free
Presto card $
OC Transpo child photo ID card Free

Getting a Presto card with a Child or Youth discount

You can only buy a Presto card with an age-based discount at an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre or at a participating Shoppers Drug Mart location. Anyone can buy a Presto card with an age-based discount. You can buy it for yourself or on behalf of an eligible person. You must meet eligibility criteria to use the card with a discounted fare. You also need to prove eligibility if requested.

Using your adult Presto card to pay for your child's fare (on buses only)

You can pay for your child's fare with your Presto e-Purse:

  1. Let your driver know that you would like to pay an additional child fare
  2. Tap your card again
  3. Wait for your driver to hand you a Proof of Purchase (POP) transfer for your child

You cannot pay for more than one fare at fare gates. 

Family DayPass

Weekends & statutory holidays

Family DayPass $

A family of up to 6 people (max. two aged 12+) can ride all day on all routes.

Get your DayPass on the bus (using exact change or money from your Presto e-Purse) or from the ticket machine at the O‑Train station (using cash, credit or debit).

Image text: Presto 1-877-378-6123

Contact PRESTO

To buy, charge or register your card!

Go to
A stick family boards a bus

Family DayPass

On Saturdays, Sundays and most holidays, the whole family can ride all day on a single DayPass!

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Fare discounts

For Youth aged 19 and under.

Student fares

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