OC Transpo and STO transfers and passes accepted on both networks

OC Transpo and the Société de Transport de l’Outaouais (STO) work together to offer transit service to across the national capital region. Passes and transfers from both agencies can be used to ride either service.

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Transferring from OC Transpo to STO

OC Transpo payment methods accepted as valid fare on all STO routes:

  • OC Transpo monthly pass (PRESTO)
  • U-Pass
  • Transfer, including O-Train ticket
  • DayPass (cannot be used as a Family DayPass) 

If you board the bus before 9 am, you need to have an STO - OC Transpo Rider smart card. (STO-Ontario residency card is no longer accepted). U-Pass holders don't need the STO – OC Transpo smart card. 

OC Transpo Support Person card

One support person only can travel for free on the STO system with OC Transpo Support Person card. The rider being accompanied must pay the applicable fare.

OC Transpo payment methods NOT accepted on STO:

  • PRESTO e-Purse (but you CAN use your e-Purse to pay if you start your journey aboard OC Transpo and then transfer to STO)
  • CNIB and Ontario Guide Dog and Access cards
  • You cannot use the DayPass as a 'Family Pass' on STO service, but you can use it to pay the fare of one person

STO-OC Transpo Rider Smart Card

The STO-Ontario residency card was replaced with a smart card called the STO - OC Transpo Rider card. (The STO-Ontario residency card is no longer valid)

STO-OC Transpo Rider smart card InformationOntario riders who wish to use a pass accepted on the STO system before 9 am need to have this smart card. When boarding the STO bus, you need tap your smart card (and your PRESTO card, if applicable), and then show the card along with your OC Transpo pass to the driver.


The STO – OC Transpo smart card is not required:

  • If you board after 9 am
  • If you board at anytime :
    • In the downtown core of the Hull sector
    • In Ottawa
    • At the local platform of de la Gappe, de la Cité or Labrosse station
  • With a valid U-Pass

You need to renew your STO - OC Transpo Rider card every year. The card costs $8 (inc. taxes) and sold at the STO Service Points and STO Smart Card Issuing Centres. You will need to bring Proof of Ontario residency (such as a rental agreement, tax bill, invoice, etc.) and a completed application. 

... more info on the STO – OC Transpo Rider Card

Transferring from STO to OC Transpo

STO payment methods accepted as valid fare on OC Transpo:

  • Multi Card and Transcollines Combined Smart Card:
    • Before you can use your card on an OC Transpo bus after loading it, you will need to activate it on an STO reader
    • Tap your card on the reader on the bus or on the O-Train station platform every time you ride with OC Transpo. If you don’t tap, you may be fined.
  • STO passes, transfers and 'Passe-Temps' are accepted as full fare on all regular routes and the O-Train Trillium Line.
  • Kids 5 and under ride for free on all routes.

If you get an error or "invalid fare" message when you tap, please pay the cash fare and follow up with STO.

STO Support Person Privileges card

Support Persons can travel for free on the OC Transpo system when they show an STO Support Person Privileges card. The rider being accompanied needs to pay his or her fare.

STO payment methods NOT accepted on OC Transpo:

  • STO bus tickets
  • STO Student pass for "school days only"
  • You can’t use the STO Passe-Temps as a Family DayPass but  you can use it as a DayPass for one person
  • A Multi card with someone else's photo (you may be fined if you try to board using someone else's card)
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