The U-Pass is a low-cost transit pass that lets full-time students at participating schools ride unlimited on all OC Transpo and STO routes for the academic term. The cost of the U-Pass is included in your student fees. You can get your card from your student association at the start of your full-time school term.

Benefits of the U-Pass

  • Accepted as full fare on all OC Transpo routes, including the O-Train Trillium Line, and on all STO routes
  • Valid on Para Transpo, but not in rural areas
  • The discounted cost of the U-Pass is included in your incidental student fees. As of Sept. 1 2018, U-Pass fees are $ per term.

U-Pass validity period

2017–2018 (regular) U-Pass
for fall/winter students

Summer U-Pass
for spring/summer students

Sept. 1 to April 30

May 1 to Aug. 31


  • Full-time students (including graduate students) at participating schools:
Carleton University uOttawa Saint Paul University Algonquin College
  • No age restriction
  • Open to Ontario and Quebec residents
  • If you live outside OC Transpo and STO’s service area while attending school, you can opt-out of the U-Pass

Contact your student association for full details.

Opting out

Students living outside of the City of Ottawa, as well as at many of the rural villages and communities inside City borders, may opt-out of the U-Pass program and receive a refund. This includes communities such as Almonte, Carleton Place, Dunrobin, Carp, Osgoode, Russell, Metcalfe, Embrun, Rockland. Also, Para Transpo users may opt-out if they live in the Para Transpo rural zone.

Opt-out information by institution


Click on a school's name to go to its U-Pass site

Contact info to discuss exemptions

Algonquin College

Registrar's Office
Phone: 613-727-0002
E-mail: upass@algonquincollege.com

Carleton University

Office of Student Affairs
In person: 430 Tory Building
Phone: 613-520-7400
E-mail: upass@carleton.ca


U-Pass Coordinator
In person: Student Federation of the University of Ottawa 85 University Private, Room 07
Phone: 613-562-5966
E-mail: u-pass@sfuo.ca

St. Paul University

Student Association Office
Phone: 613-782-3008
E-mail: upass@ustpaul.ca

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