What it costs

Fare prices effective Jan. 1, 2017

Per ride

ParaPurse Tickets Cash
Adults & Youth 13+ $ 2 $
Seniors 65+ $ 2 $
Children 6–12 $ 1 $
Children 5 and under Free

Per day

All routes

All riders $

Example of a DayPass 
Valid as a Family DayPass on weekends and specified holidays.

Per month

Monthly passes

  Presto ParaPay
Adults $
Youth 19 and under $
Seniors 65+ $
Community $
Access $ n/a
EquiPass $
Regional transit pass Contact your local partner company n/a


Other prices

Presto card $ + minimum load $10-value
Child (12 and under) photo ID card Free
Regional (R) photo ID card $
Gold Permit parking pass $ per month
Regular Park & Ride parking permit $ per month


Para Transpo fares

Per ride

  Cash Tickets
Adults and Youth 13–19 $ 2
Seniors 65+ $ 2
Children 6–12 $ 1
Children 5 and under Free when accompanied by an adult who pays the applicable fare.

Per ride top-up for monthly pass holders

See monthly pass prices above.

  Cash Tickets
Access Pass $ 2
All other passes No top-up required

Rural zone

One-way trip between a rural zone and the urban area

Cash Tickets
$ 6

Para Transpo Fare Zone Map

Para Transpo Map. Opens in pop-up window

Click map to enlarge or download PDF of Para Transpo Fare Zone map


Image text: Presto prestocard.ca 1-877-378-6123

Contact PRESTO

To buy, charge or register your card!

Go to prestocard.ca
Image text: Free Wednesdays for Seniors 65+ Don't Tap your Presto card on Wednesdays!

Free Wednesdays for Seniors 65+

  • Unlimited rides, all day
  • All routes

You will still need to pay the full fare to ride Para Transpo on Wednesdays.

Image of calendar page. Image text - DayPass

Ride all day with the DayPass!

Purchase on the bus for $

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