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Fare change takes effect January 1

Image - Fare change takes effect January 1

OC Transpo fares are changing on January 1, 2024.

Most fares will increase by 2.5 per cent to offset increased operating costs of providing transit services (see table below). This increase was approved by City Council as part of the 2024 Budget.

Your fares at work

We rely on fares to keep our city moving. Your fares help pay for buses, fuel, employee wages, bus shelters, system improvements and much more. Thank you for supporting the transit system by paying your fare.

The prices of the EquiPass, Community Pass and Access Pass remain frozen for 2024. Kids aged 12 and under ride free every day!

Fares changes effective Jan. 1

Per ride

Per-ride fares Presto, ParaPay Cash
Adult & Youth $3.80 $3.85
Senior (ages 65 and up) $2.90 $2.95
Child (ages 12 and under) Free Free
$1.75 $3.85
$1.75 n/a
Para Transpo Rural $10.25 $10.25

O-Payment (?) $3.80

Monthly passes

Rider Presto
Adults $128.75
Youth (ages 13-19) $99.25
Senior (ages 65 and up) $49.00
Access (for OC Transpo routes)
Eligibility & conditions

Access pass holders are required to pay a $2.55 top-up charge per ride to use Para Transpo services.


All riders
1 day $11.75
3 days $28.50
5 days $45.75
7 days $54.25

On Saturdays, Sundays and select holidays, two people aged 13 and older can ride all day with a 2-for-1 DayPass!