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Introducing OC Transpo Helps

Image - Introducing OC Transpo Helps

OC Transpo sent its first Tweet in 2010. 

Since then, how we use Twitter has evolved. Specifically, we have: 

  • Created @OCTranspoLive and @OCTranspoDirect, our service alert accounts 
  • Gained more than 81,000 followers 
  • Shared more than 390,000 updates 

We continue to evolve and are rebranding our service alert accounts on Twitter. 

As of May 1, @OCTranspoLive is now @OC_TranspoHelps. This rebranded account is your number one location for customer service support on Twitter. 

Let us use more than 280 characters to introduce @OC_TranspoHelps, where customers can continue to find helpful trip information, and to update you on what real-time information improvements are underway. 

Introducing OC Transpo Helps 

@OC_TranspoHelps is your number one location for customer service support on Twitter. 

This new customer service focused Twitter account is managed by customer service representatives who are empowered to quickly respond to inquiries and support customers during their trip.  

What does this mean for customers who use Twitter for transit updates?  

@OC_Transpo will continue to communicate urgent and helpful messaging to all OC Transpo and Para Transpo customers. This includes information on services, programs, safety campaigns and system-wide service disruptions.   

@OC_TranspoHelps will provide updates on detours and other transit disruptions. Specific trip information will no longer be published on Twitter. Customers can continue to visit for detours, route changes, and cancelled trips. 

In addition, you can continue to stay informed of any changes to your travel plans by: 

  • Subscribing to My Alerts for free 
  • Planning your trip in advance using the Travel Planner 
  • Texting 560560 or calling 613-560-1000 for real-time departure information 

Why are we making this change? 

Changes to Twitter have been made that simply make it unaffordable to post specific trip information.  

Twitter has introduced new pricing to access certain features of their platform, which makes the posting of specific trip information cost approximately $675,000 per year in charges. 

Is OC Transpo improving real-time information? 

OC Transpo is working to continuously improve how we communicate with customers across all our communication channels. 

Work is underway to improve real-time data, with the first improvements in early 2024 and further enhancements in late 2024. An update on improvements to real-time data will be provided at the May 11 Transit Commission meeting.