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Fares & Tickets

Fare gates and ticket machines at every station will be fully automated, making access to the service easier and more efficient. Prices for the O-Train Confederation Line will be the same as the bus, including free transfers and discounted fares for customers who qualify.

Image text: Where will I buy my fare?

Ticket machines at every station

  • Buy a new Presto card
  • Load your Presto card
  • Buy a single-ride ticket or DayPass
  • Video-chat with Customer Service

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Image text: How will I get through the gate?

Tap a smartcard or scan a ticket

  • Presto, U-Pass & Multi (STO) smartcards
  • OC Transpo bus transfer or DayPass
  • Single-ride tickets from the ticket machine

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Image text: Prices

Same fares as the bus

  • Free transfer from the bus to train, and train to bus
  • All existing smartcard passes will be accepted
  • Discounted fares for the bus system will also apply on the train (for customers who qualify)

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Image text: Fare-paid zones

Bypass the fare gate

  • Buses will drop you off or pick you up inside the fare-paid zone at Greenboro, Hurdman, Blair and Tunney’s Pasture stations
  • Trains on the Trillium and Confederation lines will drop you off inside the fare-paid zone at Bayview Station

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