Sunday April 22, 2018

PRESTO - Scheduled System Upgrade

PRESTO website will be unavailable between 10 PM Friday April 20, 2018 and late Sunday April 22, 2018 due to a scheduled system upgrade. There may be delays in transactions appearing to your account.

Public Transit In Canada's Capital

Spring service banner

Spring service starts April 22

New schedules will go into effect on many routes on Sunday, April 22. Rack & Roll is back! We are also making a few changes to help us get Ready for Rail. Route 23 will travel on City Park and Ogilvie adding service to government offices near Blair Station. Some trips on Routes 96 and 99 will be renumbered. Spring service starts April 22: Read More »

Presto card and Shoppers Drug Mart Logo

Buy and load your Presto card at select Shoppers Drug Mart stores

You can now buy a Presto card, load a pass or money into your e-Purse and check your balance at 15 Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Ottawa. Presto will expand to a total of 66 stores across the city by the end of May. Presto cards are also sold online, at Customer Service Centres and through Ticket Machines at O-Train stations. We will keep you posted as more sales locations become available. Use our Fare Purchase Locations map to find the Presto sales location nearest to you  »

Better Bus Stops banner

Better Bus Stops Project: stop location changes on St. Laurent starting April 22

We’re redistributing stops on St. Laurent Blvd., between Elmvale and Walkley. The stop at St-Laurent and Tawney (#7284) will move one block south to Connery. The stops at St-Laurent/Nerta (#8346) and St-Laurent/Susan (#7287) will be removed. These changes will make trips on Routes 40, 48 and 49 faster, smoother and more reliable. We want to know what you think about the new stop locations and how they affect your trips. More info on these stop changes and feedback form »

Bus destination signs to use a mix of upper and lower case letters

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. We are updating all of our bus destination signs to use a mix of upper and lower case letters. This style change increases legibility for many of our customers. From a distance, it is much easier to recognize words that are not all the same height. It is a change that helps make our service more accessible to all. Bus destination signs to use a mix of upper and lower case letters: Read More »

Schematic of new routing at Innovation station

Routes 63 & 64: simplified routing at Innovation Station starting March 25

Routes 63 and 64 will no longer do a full loop around Innovation Station. Buses in each direction will serve reversed stops at Innovation. If you currently catch your bus at stop A, you will take it at stop B, and vice-versa. Route 64 will no longer serve stops #1536 and #6578 at the southern corners Innovation and Terry Fox. Route 63 will serve these stops but in a reversed direction. Signage on site will clearly show these changes. Routes 63 & 64: simplified routing at Innovation Station starting March 25: Read More »

New $10 bill not yet accepted at ticket machines

The new $10 bank note featuring Viola Desmond cannot be used to purchase fares at OC Transpo ticket machines at this time. Changes will be made to our systems to allow them to accept the revised $10 bill format in the near future.

Extended bus lanes on Chapman Mills

On Sunday, Feb. 4, Chapman Mills bus lanes were extended between Longfields and Beatrice. Travel times on Routes 99 and 406 are faster and more reliable. Buses no longer serve the stop at Chapman Mills / Mancini (#1402). The stop at Chapman Mills / Leamington (#1404) moved less than a block west. All other stops remain in service. Map of new routing »

Discounted single fare of $1.75 for Community Pass customers

Community Pass customers who pay for their trip with e-Purse will be charged a reduced fare of $1.75 beginning in February. The discounted Community e-Purse fare ($1.75 in 2018) is half the cost of the regular fare. The discount is available on Presto and ParaPay only. All customers who have enabled the Community Pass fare on their account will receive the discount. For those who have been charged the old fare since Jan. 1, 2018 – you will automatically receive a refund directly to your Presto card by the end of February. Discounted single fare of $1.75 for Community Pass customers: Read More »

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