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Built for accessibility Read More

Trains and stations on the O-Train Confederation Line will be fully accessible. Trains will be equipped with 14 double doors with low-floor access that is level with the station platforms, low-glare and slip-resistant floors, visible grab bars, audio and visual messages, and door controls at accessible heights. All stations will have tactile wayfinding tiles and platform edge indicator strips, dual elevators, audio and visual announcements, and more.

Built for accessibility: Read More

Paper passes are being discontinued this summer Read More

June is the last month for ADULT paper passes. July passes will only be available on Presto. July is the last month for SENIORS and COMMUNITY paper passes. August passes will only be available on Presto.

Make the switch to Presto today!

Exterior announcements of bus arrivals coming to stops and stations Read More

We will begin rolling out exterior bus announcements at stops and stations from April 23 to June 25. Once the announcements are in place, all buses will audibly announce their route and destination in English and French as they pull into a stop, helping waiting customers identify their bus and confirm its destination.

Exterior announcements of bus arrivals coming to stops and stations: Read More

Get Ready for Rail Read More

The O-Train Confederation Line will bring modern light rail to Ottawa in 2018 and transform transit service in the capital. Quick, reliable and frequent Confederation Line service will replace bus routes through central Ottawa — from Blair in the east to Tunney’s Pasture in the west. The 17 electrified trains each made up of two Alstom Citadis Spirit cars and the 13 stations are designed to provide safety, comfort and accessibility for all.

Learn more about the Confederation Line on our new Ready for Rail web section

Spring service changes start April 23 Read More

New spring schedules and service adjustments will take effect Sunday, April 23. All Signs Point to 2018: many changes are happening this spring to help us prepare for the opening of the O-Train Confederation Line. Your stop may have a new schedule, map, or a new bus stop sign with different route numbers and colours.

Spring service changes start April 23: Read More

EquiPass now available Read More

A new monthly transit pass available to eligible people on a low income for $57 per month.

Find out if you qualify and how to apply

Fare gates coming to the Trillium Line this summer Read More

Recently built sheltered entrances at Greenboro, Confederation, Carleton and Carling Stations will soon be home to modern fare equipment, including fully automated, accessible fare gates. In the coming months, we will be installing and testing the fare gates, which will be put into service this summer.

Fare gates coming to the Trillium Line this summer: Read More

New ticket machines coming soon to the Trillium Line Read More

In the coming months, we will be installing and testing modern, easy-to-use and accessible ticket machines, inside recently constructed sheltered entrances at Greenboro, Confederation, Carleton and Carling O-Train Stations.

New ticket machines coming soon to the Trillium Line: Read More

Presto Transit Usage Report for tax purposes available! Read More

If you bought a monthly pass or have used your Presto e-Purse to pay for at least 32 one-way trips within one month, you are eligible for a Federal Public Transit Tax Credit. The Transit Usage Report gives a summary of Presto travel details you can use to help determine your eligibility for the tax credit.

If your Presto card is registered*, you can print a Transit Usage Report online or, have one sent to you by calling the Presto Call Centre at 1-8-PRESTO-123 (1-877-378-6123). The 2016 Transit Usage Reports will be available for registered customers at prestocard.ca as of Monday, February 27, 2017.

* To claim the 2016 Presto tax credit, your card had to be registered by January 1st, 2017.

Presto Tax Credit FAQ

New, simplified fares in effect Read More

We have rolled out new fare changes to help us get ready for rail: retired premium fares on Express (Connexion) routes and on Para Transpo, reduced cash fares to better align with e-Purse prices, and launched two new pass products: Youth (6-19) and Access.

New, simplified fares in effect: Read More

2014 Transit Services Customer Survey Highlights Read More

We released highlights of the 2014 Transit Services Customer Survey. The results showed positive feedback in many areas. For example, 78% of customers rated OC Transpo as good or very good and 90% said they feel safe and secure using transit.

Transit Services 2014 Customer Survey Report

You need to renew your PRESTO card Community Pass discount every two years Read More

If you received your first PRESTO Community pass in 2013, you need to renew it this year before the discount expires. Find out your renewal day at prestocard.ca or in person at an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre.

How to renew your Community Pass discount

PRESTO card readers are updated at least 3 times a day Read More

PRESTO was upgraded to reduce the time it takes to update all the readers on the bus. Your online or phone purchases are now transmitted to the buses at least three times every day — and as often as six times in a day!

This means the purchases you make in the evening will be waiting for you when you tap your card on the bus the next morning.

OC Transpo is currently the only transit system using a cellular connection for PRESTO — other transit companies are updated just once a day using a Wi-Fi connection.

Automatically renew your PRESTO pass Read More

When you order a registered card online it will have to be "activated" before you can use it. Activate your card at prestocard.ca, or by phone.

How Often Will It Come?

Trains will run every 5 minutes or less at rush hour.

How Often Will It Come?: Find out more

How Will I Get To It?

Bus, bike, walk or ride to the Confederation Line.

How Will I Get To It?: Find out more
Teal ticket with text: The Ticket $1.60

Use up or trade in old tickets

Teal ($1.60) tickets expire on Dec. 31. will remain valid. Purple tickets ($1.65) will remain valid.

Use up or trade in old tickets: Find out more

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