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Increased service in Barrhaven Read More

As of Nov. 15, 2018, some additional afternoon peak-period trips on Route 95 will be extended south from Barrhaven Centre to the Minto Recreation Complex on Cambrian Road. There will be an extra morning trip provided on Route 277 from Nepean Woods. These additional trips will increase service capacity and schedule reliability for Barrhaven bus riders.

Check out the new timetables

400-series route adjustments Read More

Starting Tuesday, Nov. 6, we are adjusting schedules on 400-series Event routes to the Canadian Tire Centre. Frequencies on Routes 403, 404 and 405 are being adjusted based on observed ridership. The first and last trips will not change.

Canada Post labour disruption could delay mail delivery Read More

Rotating strikes have begun at Canada Post. This could delay delivery of Presto cards ordered online or by phone. It may take longer to receive notification letters for the EquiPass. In this case, if you buy an adult monthly pass before you receive your letter of approval, we will credit the discounted amount to your Presto card when you set your discount. Para Transpo application documents may also take longer to send and receive. 

Impact on Presto card purchases

Rotating strikes have begun at Canada Post. This could delay delivery of Presto cards ordered online or by phone. Go to prestocard.ca for more details.
To avoid delivery delays, buy your card:

  • At a Customer Service Centre (Lincoln Fields, Place d’Orléans, Rideau Centre and St-Laurent)
  • At a participating retailer
  • From a ticket machine

Use our sales locations map to find a Presto vendor near you

Impact on EquiPass applicants

Rotating strikes have begun at Canada Post. This may delay the delivery of notification letters for the EquiPass Program.
If you have bought an adult monthly pass for October or November at $116.50, and are approved for the EquiPass discount during one or more of those months:

  • We will apply a credit for $58.25 per month (the discounted amount) to your Presto card when you set your EquiPass discount:
    • To set your EquiPass discount, bring your letter of approval to an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre
  • If the strikes continue, these credits will also apply for future months

Impact on Para Transpo applicants

Rotating strikes have begun at Canada Post. This may delay the delivery of application forms and customer information packages.

To get your application form:

Submit your application:

  • By fax to 613-721-2151
  • By email to Paratranspo.lifemark@lifemark.ca
  • Place it in a sealed envelope addressed to Lifemark and drop it off at an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre

If you are approved for Para Transpo, your information package will be sent to the email you gave in your application. If you have not given an email address, Lifemark will provide this information by phone and send out a hardcopy by mail. Delivery of this package may be delayed.

Routing changes starting Monday, Oct. 15 Read More

Routes 11, 12, 32, 34, 38, 91, 95, 103, 104, 151, 153 and 199 are changing on Monday, Oct. 15. We’re also adding trips on routes 80, 89, 175 and a school trip from De La Salle on Route 9.

Routing changes starting Monday, Oct. 15: Read More

Kanata Park & Ride Options Read More

Eagleson Park & Ride spots fill up fast! There are other lots just a short drive away.

Kanata Park & Ride Options: Read More

Old bus tickets have expired and have no value Read More

You can no longer use or trade in leftover old paper bus tickets.

Make the switch to Presto today!

Non-Presto fares sold from ticket machines are active right away Read More

You can use Single-ride tickets and DayPasses, including those for 3, 5 and 7 days, to ride on OC Transpo, Para Transpo and STO as soon as you buy them up until they expire. You’ll find the expiry date and time in bold text on the front of each ticket. You can’t buy these fares in advance. Use Presto to pre-pay your fares. Presto funds and passes are stored on your card until you tap onto a reader.

Rack & Roll wraps up for the year Read More

We have started removing the bike racks from the buses. We can no longer guarantee that any routes will have bike racks.

Rack & Roll wraps up for the year: Read More

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