New to Transit?  Need help?

This Help section outlines basic computer configurations necessary for using some of the tools provided on the OC Transpo website, and also provides basic guidance for locating information and trip finder tools.

Browser Requirements

For most efficient viewing and usage of the OC Transpo website, we suggest the following:

  • 'Javascript' and 'Cookies' must be enabled in your internet browser options.
  • The Google maps feature does not fully support IE6, so you may need to upgrade to a more recent version of your browser if you currently use Internet Explorer, version 6.
  • Many of our maps and documents are in .pdf format, so you may need to download a .pdf viewer:

How do I...

  • find a bus schedule?

    Use the "Routes and Maps" tab at the top of your page to bring up the main schedules page.  This page provides all OC Transpo route's major stop times.
  • know how much I will have to pay?

    Prices for tickets, monthly passes, annual passes, and cash fare are listed on the "Fares" page reached through the navigation bar at the top of this page.  Use the left hand navigation on the "Fares" page to access information on senior fares, express routes, Para Transpo fares, and more.  
  • know if there will be interruptions in my service?

    OC Transpo Provides Live Updates on all our service changes and interruptions.  Use the "Live Transit Updates" tab in the navigation bar at the top of your screen to see what detours or interruptions are planned for today, tomorrow, or next week!  You can also register for mobile or email updates using the left-hand navigation bar found on the "Live Transit Updates" page.
  • know what buses and stations are wheelchair accessible?

    All information on bus and station accessibility can be found on the Accessible Transit page accessed through the "Accessible Transit" tab at the top of your page.  Information on Para Transpo, and all accessibility features provided by OC Transpo can also be found on this page.
  • plan my route?

    OC Transpo has two amazing features that can help plan your route for you!  These are the Quick Planner and Advanced Planner.  A comprehensive "How to" guide for these features can be found through the "Routes & Maps" tab in the navigation menu at the top of your screen.  The Travel Planners, as well as the complete Travel Planner guide, can be accessed through the left-hand navigation bar of the "Routes & Maps" page.
  • see timetables for specific busses or specific bus stops

    The Stop Times and Route Schedule features are perhaps the best ways to access daily information on specific routes and stops.  These can be accessed through the "Routes & Maps" tab in the navigation tab at the top of your screen.  Use the "Travel Planner" tab in the left-hand navigation bar to access the Travel Planner, Stop Times, and Route Schedules features.
  • find a map of OC Transpo's routes?

    All maps of OC Transpo routes can be found using the "Routes & Maps" tab at the top of your page. The left-hand navigation bar on the "Routes & Maps" page has a tab called "Map"
  • find a Park & Ride location?

    OC Transpo has 10 Park & Ride locations in Ottawa.  To locate the one nearest you use the "Routes and Maps" tab in the menu at the top of your screen.  The left-hand navigation menu on the "Routes and Maps" page has a tab called "Park and Ride" that provides details about Ottawa's various Park and Ride locations.

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