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New criteria

  • Eligibility expanded in April 2017 to include persons with developmental / mental health disabilities
  • No significant increase in customers


  • Previously “winter only”
  • Conditional eligibility now includes:
    • Seasonal (not just winter, includes extreme heat and more)
    • Physical barriers
    • Variable health
    • Special events only



  • Lifemark Health Services was awarded the contract to undertake the application and assessment process
  • Will receive and assess new applications starting in February 2018


  • All customers will be required to renew information every 3 years
  • Process will be staged and customers will be receiving renewal applications over the next 3 years
  • Lifemark will oversee this process


  • Formal process for escalated reviews will be implemented
  • Appeal panel will consist of 2 representatives from the Transportation Services and Public Health departments and a Para Transpo customer
  • Panel member recruitment will begin shortly



  • Now available for all customers
  • Online, phone and in-person options available
  • AutoRenew and AutoLoad expected to be available later this year

Presto on Para

  • Customers who use a monthly pass loaded on a Presto card will be able to register their card number with OC Transpo in advance
  • Will shorten wait times for boarding customers as you will only be required to present your Presto card

Overdraft & Account Management

  • All customers are responsible for paying for services used
  • Customers who do not pay for a trip will be issued a No Fare Slip
  • Requests for clearing outstanding balances will be made at time of booking
  • Warnings will sent when customer has a balance owing greater than $25
  • Customers with outstanding balances will face suspension of services at certain levels


Automated Cancellation Line

  • An easy and convenient way to cancel or review a trip booked for today or tomorrow - without having to speak to staff
  • Information available on, printed brochure or 613-741-4390

New Policy

  • New policy for all bookings – subscription and demand (daily)
  • A late cancellation is now less than 3 hours prior to trip time
  • Points assigned for cancellations - 1 point for late cancellation, 2 points for no-show or cancel at door
  • Warnings issued at certain point levels
  • 3-, 7- or 28-day suspension of services occurs when defined point levels are reached

Account Management

  • Account management will begin when customers are approaching suspension levels
  • As customers accumulate points, a letter will be issued or customer will be called
  • 3-, 7- or 28-day suspensions can occur at defined point levels

Where Will It Go?

The O-Train Confederation Line will connect 13 stations from Tunney’s Pasture in the west to Blair in the east.

Where Will It Go?: Find out more
A stick family boards a bus

Family DayPass

On Saturdays, Sundays and most holidays, the whole family can ride all day on a single DayPass!

A pair of earphones

Respectful Music

Your music may be your neighbour's noise - please consider others.

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