Monday February 19, 2018

Expect delays due to the possibility of freezing rain

There is a possibility of freezing rain in effect for the next few days. Please take care as you head out or wait to catch your bus.

Presto Delay

Some OC Transpo customers are experiencing delayed updates to the balance displayed in their PRESTO account. OC Transpo is working to resolve this backlog, and balances should appear correctly again within a few days. Until then, please note that fare is still deducted when you tap your card to ride, and you can still load funds normally.

Public Transit In Canada's Capital

Extended bus lanes on Chapman Mills

On Sunday, Feb. 4, Chapman Mills bus lanes were extended between Longfields and Beatrice. Travel times on Routes 99 and 406 are faster and more reliable. Buses no longer serve the stop at Chapman Mills / Mancini (#1402). The stop at Chapman Mills / Leamington (#1404) moved less than a block west. All other stops remain in service. Map of new routing »

Mother and small child in winter clothing

Family Day Service

Buses will follow a slightly reduced schedule on Monday, Feb. 19. School routes (600 series), special school trips and Shopper route 301 will not run. Para Transpo will provide a holiday service. Regular scheduled trips will be cancelled automatically. Booking for Family Day trips starts Feb. 12. More Family Day Service info »

Para Transpo bus

Para Transpo information sessions

We held two sessions for Para Transpo customers. The sessions looked at new and upcoming changes to Para Transpo. Participants also explored a possible online booking system. If you missed registration, please let us know and we will send you the information. You can also tell us what you think about online booking from now until Feb. 28, 2018. Para Transpo information sessions: Read More »

Discounted single fare of $1.75 for Community Pass customers

Community Pass customers who pay for their trip with e-Purse will be charged a reduced fare of $1.75 beginning in February. The discounted Community e-Purse fare ($1.75 in 2018) is half the cost of the regular fare. The discount is available on Presto and ParaPay only. All customers who have enabled the Community Pass fare on their account will receive the discount. For those who have been charged the old fare since Jan. 1, 2018 – you will automatically receive a refund directly to your Presto card by the end of February. Discounted single fare of $1.75 for Community Pass customers: Read More »

Eagleson East Park & Ride lot changes

We’ve reconfigured the Eagleson East Park & Ride lot. The changes include moving all current Gold permit spaces to the south side of the lot. We are also converting 42 additional spots into Gold permit spaces. Permits are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Please obey all signage and only park in designated spots. You will need to prove you have a monthly pass to buy a permit. New Eagleson East Park & Ride map and permit info »

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