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Designed with you in mind

Trains and stations along the O-Train Confederation Line have been designed to provide safety, comfort and accessibility for all. Service is organized to make the system easier to use and navigate.

Text: Built for accessibility. Image: Man in a wheelchair boarding the train

Fully accessible trains & stations

  • Level-entry trains
  • Dual elevators at every station
  • Audio and visual arrival messages
  • Tactile wayfinding
  • Cooperative seating areas beside every train door

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Station schematic with text: Built for safety

Safe travels

  • Open-concept, well-lit station design
  • Monitored by cameras full time
  • Transecure waiting areas
  • Emergency phones

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Text: My Station. Image: Station schematic

Distinctive, inviting architecture

  • Spacious, open-concept design
  • Comfortable, secure waiting areas
  • Ticket machines and digital arrival screens

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Text: New Trains. Image: Train schematic

Quick, reliable, spacious and quiet

  • Room for 600 passengers per two-car train
  • Electric trains with zero emissions
  • Audio and visual announcements

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Text: Simplified Navigation. Image: Line map

Line 1 travels east and west

  • All central destinations are on Line 1
  • Simplified service and connections
  • Bus routes are organized by service type
  • Intuitive wayfinding

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