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Frequent & reliable service

Image text: More reliable

2.5 km downtown tunnel 

  • Dedicated rail corridor
  • 25 min end-to-end travel time, at any time of day
  • Train arrives every 5 min or less

Confederation Line will reduce delays

Today, many day-to-day traffic situations can hold up bus service downtown. The O-Train Confederation Line will provide more reliable service thanks to its dedicated rail corridor and 2.5-km tunnel running beneath the city centre, which will shield the train from:

  • Weather-related delays
  • Bus, automobile, pedestrian and cycling traffic
  • Traffic lights (there are currently 14 sets of lights in the downtown portion of the Transitway)
  • Road closures, detours and special events

Never wait long for the train

Trains will arrive shortly after you get to any Confederation Line station.

  • Every 5 minutes or less at rush hour
  • Very frequently throughout the day
  • Every 15 minutes after midnight