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Transforming the service

The O-Train Confederation Line will replace bus routes through central Ottawa with quick, reliable and frequent O-Train service. Bus routes are changing to simplify routing and provide convenient connections to the O-Train, and more than 100 different bus routes will connect to the Confederation Line at one of 13 new stations.

Text: Where will it go? Image: Confederation Line map

Tunney’s to Blair, 13 stations

  • 12.5 km through central Ottawa
  • Downtown tunnel, with underground stations at Lyon, Parliament and Rideau
  • Major destinations close to O-Train stations

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Text: How often will it come? Image: Train

Every 5 minutes or less

  • Trains arrive at every station every 5 minutes or less at peak times
  • Frequent service all day, and every 15 minutes after midnight

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Text: How many will it carry? Image: Train

600 passengers, 14 doors

  • Every two-car train has 14 double doors and can carry 600 people in quiet comfort
  • Train platforms are 100 metres long, with plenty of room for boarding, even when it’s busy

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Text: Expanding O-Train Service. Image: front view of train

Confederation Line will serve central Ottawa

  • Up to 10,700 passengers per hour, each way
  • Connects to the north-south Trillium Line

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Text: New Service Types. Image: Double decker bus

Rapid • Frequent • Connexion • Local

  • New route types tell you when and where a route travels
  • Each type has its own colour and symbol

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Text: New Route numbers. Images: Service type icons

Numbers are organized geographically

  • O-Train Confederation Line is Line 1
  • O-Train Trillium Line is Line 2
  • Bus route numbers indicate where a bus travels, and if it connects to the O-Train

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