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Expanding O-Train service

Image text: Expanding O-Train Service

Confederation Line will serve central Ottawa

  • Up to 10,700 passengers per hour, each way
  • Connects to the north-south Trillium Line

The two O-Train lines will be the backbone of the new service network, offering quick, frequent, station-to-station train service on a dedicated rail line with no level crossings. The O-Train network consists of the Confederation Line (Line 1), which will provide central service running from east to west, and the Trillium Line (Line 2), which has been operating since 2001 and runs between Greenboro in the south and Bayview in the north. Line 1 and Line 2 will connect at Bayview Station.

2018 O-Train network

The O-Train Confederation Line will replace bus routes along the Transitway between Blair and Tunney’s Pasture and through downtown Ottawa. Fifteen two-car electric trains will provide very frequent (every 5 minutes or less at rush hour) and reliable service, capable of accommodating up to 10,700 passengers per hour in each direction. More than 100 bus routes will connect to the O-Train Confederation Line at one of 13 stations along the line.

The O-Train Confederation Line connects 13 stations

Line 1 symbolThe Confederation Line (Line 1) will connect 13 stations from Tunney’s Pasture in the west to Blair in the east, replacing current Transitway service through central Ottawa.

Map of Confederation Line stations and major connection points

Downtown destinations

Most customers will use the Confederation Line on a daily basis in their transit trips, to get to and from downtown. Destinations not located directly along Line 1 will be accessible via connecting bus routes, or by the O-Train Trillium Line, which connects at Bayview.

Through downtown, the O-Train travels underground in a 2.5-km tunnel that stretches from LeBreton Flats to Waller Street.

Many major Ottawa destinations will be within a 5-minute walk of the Confederation Line’s three central stations — Lyon, Parliament and Rideau. You will find area maps at each station showing you what’s nearby:

Parliament Station Rideau Station
Destinations within walking distance of Parliament station Destinations within walking distance of Rideau station

Schedules and frequency

Trains on the Confederation Line will operate very frequently, so waiting time is minimal as you transfer from your local connecting bus route.

Trains will be arriving:

  • 5 minutes or less at rush hour
  • Very frequently mid-day
  • 15 minutes or less after midnight and late evenings on weekends

Hours of operation

O-Train service on the Confederation Line will run from early morning to late at night, every day of the week.

Monday – Thursday

5 a.m. – 1 a.m.


5 a.m. – 2 a.m.


6 a.m. – 2 a.m.

Sunday & Holidays

8 a.m. – 11 p.m.

When the train is not running, select Rapid bus routes will be extended through downtown from the east, west and south, like the late-night service now provided by Transitway Routes 95 and 97.

Train capacity

The O-Train Confederation Line will be served by 15 trains each made up of two Alstom Citadis Spirit cars.

Each train will be able to accommodate up to 600 passengers —240 seated and 360 standing, which is the equivalent of more than eight articulated (accordion) buses!

As trains will arrive every 5 minutes or less at rush hour, the Confederation Line will be able to carry up to 10,700 passengers per hour, each way, and with 14 fully accessible double doors per train and long and spacious platforms, boarding will be quick and easy.

Side view of the Alstom Citadis Spirit train

Trillium Line (Line 2)

Line 2 symbol The O-Train Trillium Line is an eight-kilometre diesel light-rail service running from Greenboro Station in the south to Bayview Station just west of downtown.

Station Stop #
Greenboro 3037
Mooney's Bay 3063
Carleton 3062
Carling 3061
Bayview 3060

Frequent service

The Trillium Line is in service 7 days a week, until midnight Monday to Saturday and until 11 p.m. Sunday. Trains arrive about every 12 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays and between every 12 and 15 minutes on Sundays.

Use the Travel Planner for Trillium Line schedules and next departures:

Get your travel plan

You can also find out the current schedule by texting 560560 or calling 613-560-1000 plus the 4-digit stop number (listed above) for your station.

Trillium Line Map

Trillium Line vehicles

Alstom Coradia Lint trains
Lint Train approaching Bayview Station

The Trillium Line is served by six Alstom Coradia Lint trains.

  • High-efficiency, diesel engines
  • Advanced technology makes them quiet and fuel efficient
  • Low greenhouse gas emissions
  • Low operating costs
  • Two platform-level double doors per train
  • Fully-accessible cars
  • Large windows
  • Smooth, comfortable ride
  • Space for 260 passengers