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How will I get through the gate?

Image text: How will I get through the gate?

Tap a smartcard or scan a ticket

  • Presto, U-Pass & Multi (STO) smartcards
  • OC Transpo bus transfer or DayPass
  • Single-ride tickets from the ticket machine

The new fare gates at O-Train stations will require use of a Presto card, U-Pass, STO Multi card, or OC Transpo bus transfer. Paper monthly passes and paper bus tickets will not be accepted.

As you enter an O-Train station, you will find a row of fare gates. Any gate can be used to enter the station.

An accessible (wide) fare gate will be available for customers using an assistive mobility device, stroller, luggage or bicycle, or who require more time to get through. This gate is wider and has an additional card reader at an accessible height.

Row of fare gatesRow of fare gates

How to use a fare gate

Presto card, bar code transfer and smart card icons. Image text: Tap / Scan

  • Presto card
  • U-Pass
  • STO multi card
  • Barcode transfer from the bus
  • Barcode ticket from the ticket machine
  • Barcode DayPass
  • Barcode Family PassCheckmark indicating fare successfully processed

Valid fare will open the gate... just walk through. 

Where to present your fare

Smartcard users — look for the green Presto card and smartcard icon:
  Smart card icons

Riders using a transfer or a single-ride ticket (purchased from ticket machine), look for the barcode transfer icon: Transfer icon

Placement of readers

Readers are located on the right-hand side of each fare gate. 

Fare gate scanner locations

There is no need to tap when you exit the station, just walk through the gate and the barrier will open automatically.

No charge fares

No charge for seniors on Wednesdays and Sundays!

Transit is free on Wednesdays and Sundays for seniors 65+ — but if you're using a fare gate, you will need to use a Presto card set with the senior discount.

  1. Buy your card for $6.00:
    • In person at an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre, or at one these select ServiceOttawa Client Service Centre locations: City Hall, Kanata or Ben Franklin 
    • At one of the ticket machines found at all O-Train stations
    • Online at or by phone at 1‑8‑PRESTO‑123 (1‑877‑378‑6123)
      • It can take up to 7 days for your card to ship. If you buy your card online or by phone, you will also need to load a minimum of $10 or a pass onto your card.
  2. Set the Senior discount on your card

If you tap your card on a Wednesday or Sunday after you have activated your discount, no fare will be deducted and the gates will open to let you through.

Free fares for children aged 5 and under

Transit is free for young children aged 5 and under.

STO Multi card

STO customers can continue to use their STO Multi card to connect to OC Transpo buses and trains. The fare gates at O-Train stations, like Presto readers on board buses, will read and recognize the STO Multi smartcard. Like today, the readers will not be able to accept e-wallet payments from Multi cards, but will continue to accept transit passes and valid transfers.